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  • Much like their playthrough of the original, 11 Drunk Guys play Slender: The Arrival is full of funny moments. Special mention goes to them constantly running smack dab into the Slender Man, which, due to his height in game, makes it look like they're being T-bagged (which they continuously lampshade) and their reaction to meeting Slendy's proxy for the first time.
  • Team Four Star's Vegeta makes Krillin play Slender: The Arrival, quickly becomes hilarious as Krillin's commentary devolves into increasingly incomprehensible, terrified babbling with every Jump Scare;
    Krillin: Jesus, it can teleport! It's a Nightcrawler!
    Krillin: Apparently, I've been here already. And I brought chalk.
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  • Achievement Unlocked: Playing on a slide in a horror game.
  • Finn and Jake take a shot at the game, courtesy of Neku.
    Jake (both looking at drawings of Slendy): It's a guy.
    Finn: Creepy. It's a bunch of guys.
    Jake: You know what they remind me of? Businessmen.
  • From the people who utterly defanged Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the Spoiler Warning crew presents "A Very Slender Evening", complete with Josh stumbling around in the dark annoyed at Slender before deciding to romance him, Chris making a futile attempt to actually be frightened, Rutskarn and his terrible, terrible bear pun joke and Mumbles channeling Shamus and complaining at everything.
  • If you turn on the debug mode and repeatedly enter "iamallama", the game will get mad at you and respond with increasingly hostile messages, culminating in locking the cheat codes for you to use.
    "No you aren't"
    "No you aren't, stop lying"
    "Clearly you aren't, you're typing 'iamallama' and that requires fingers"
    "I'm going to make Slender's Al harder now, just to spite you"
    "Okay, maybe I won't this time, but next patch, I definitely will"
    "I'm going to laugh up here from the console the next time you die"
    I've had enough of this, good luck trying to enter your precious cheat codes"
    • From that point on, if you try to turn it back on the game responds with "hahaha...who's a llama now?"
  • When going through the caves in chapter 8 and reading all the graffiti scrawled on them, people with the texture quality at its maximum can make out one of the smaller bits of texts saying "don't give him 20 dollars," referencing a (at one time) popular joke relating to Slenderman.
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  • Jesse Cox and his friends have also decided to take on Slenderman while drunk.

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