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The Third Game will have two Proxies.
One will be the same proxy from the Arrival, Kate. The second will be The Protagonist of the sequel, Lauren, who was caught at the end of her game. Since Kate is implied to be the protagonist of the orginal Slender game, it would me that we'd have two former Playable Characters trying to kill the player.
  • Pretty much Jossed, as the Steam version of the game ends with Kate killing Lauren and Lauren's body being dragged away.
    • Then again, it's not like we know how Proxies are made, so for all we know Kate killing Lauren and dragging off her corpse may be part of making her another Proxy - yes, I AM implying that Proxies are people who Came Back Wrong.

Charlie is not the Slender Man, he's CR
His picture shows him wearing a white shirt with a black topping around his neck. Several times, we see Charlie's picture deform into a combination of his face with the Slender Man, but that doesn't automatically mean he's the Slender Man. Why, you ask? Well, the Slender Man has a white undershirt, but lacks the black toppings. Charlie has tanned skin (in the picture), while the Slender Man is incredibly pale. CR, the only character without a name, has the same initials that belong to Charlie. Therefore, I doubt he's the Slender Man. If anything, Charlie is CR, and that one note signed by "Charles M" was directed to his parents before he left.
  • Jossed. CR stands for Carl Ross, and he spends the Homestead level searching for Charlie.

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