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Nightmare Fuel / Phantom Investigators

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  • In general, most of the series is this when you remember that it features a group of twelve-year-old kids who go on several life-risking missions every episode.
    • This is compounded when you realize that Daemona is pointblank powerless and given how devoted the team is, if someone managed to hold her hostage, they could probably make the other three do almost anything.
  • In the episode "Were Dog", Casey gets mode-locked into the form of a dog when he gets bitten by the groomer. He sounds obviously panicked when he meets up with the rest of the group and is forced to tell them he can't change back and the groomer tells him when they confront the guy that he has no way to fix the problem, meaning not only would Casey be stuck as a dog for the rest of his life but he'd turn into a ravenous monster every night.
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  • Despite the campy nature of the series, the animation could be unsettling at times. The monsters often would seem very otherworldy because they completely clashed with the protagonists.
  • The "Plumpy Dogs" mascot is quite disturbing as it's a dog with a fork in its stomach.
  • The first episode has a demon possessing a father who puts his son at risk with his crazy driving while under Demonic Possession and threatens to murder Kira and Casey by crushing them inside a car.
  • In "Thank Wad", the trash elemental turns out to be one of the most dangerous threats the gang go after, as anything it touches rots it immediately and turns it into garbage. The gang realize just how dangerous it is when it rots the gang's ghost vacuum...with Casey (who had shapeshifted into an electrical plug) almost taken with it. It's one of the few times where the gang acknowledge that they could die on the job.

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