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Drinking Game / Phantom Investigators

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Take a sip...

  • Whenever Daemona answers the phone with a cheesy rhyming slogan.
    • Take another if the gang give her disapproving looks after she does it.
  • Whenever Daemona's grandma is mentioned.
  • Whenever Daemona says something either Totally Radical or Pretty Fly for a White Guy.
  • Whenever someone makes a remark about Daemona's PI costume.
  • Whenever Kira makes a snarky remark at or about another character.
  • Whenever Kira uses her telepathy.
    • Take another if she can't get through to who she's trying to reach.
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  • Whenever Jericho uses telekinesis.
  • Whenever Casey shapeshifts into something.
    • Take another if it's something he's shapesifted into before in a previous episode.
    • Take another if he's clutching his stomach in pain after morphing back.
  • Whenever Casey speaks with Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness. Take another if another character asks him to "translate".
  • Every time Jinxie is called upon by the gang, but was in the middle of doing something else.
    • Take two sips if he shows up without being called upon.
  • Whenever Jinxie's presence causes bad luck to happen.
  • Whenever Wad appears in an episode and contributes little, if nothing, to the plot.
  • Whenever any member of the gang uses late '90s/early 2000s slang.
  • Every time a recycled prop from Life With Loopy appears.
  • Whenever the show goes to commercial on a shot of one or more characters screaming.

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