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  • In "Birthday Presence", Casey is upset as he's the only one of the Investigators that wasn't invited to Brad's birthday party (though in this case, Kira and Jericho were invited while Daemona was called on to investigate his mansion before the party). Later, Casey laments on how compared to him, Brad lives the "perfect life", as he's rich and popular. Daemona, realizing how much of a jerk Brad is, reassures Casey otherwise:
    Daemona: All those kids downstairs, those aren't really Brad's friends. They just want to be part of the "in-crowd". You're the one with the terrific life. You're smart and you're kind. You're already doing something with your life that matters. Face it- you rock.
  • At the end of "Secrets Exposed!", the final episode of the series, Daemona laments how she wishes she could've known her grandmother more before she passed away (especially after finding out that she led the original Phantom Investigators back in the fifties). Suddenly, Professor Navarro's cell phone from the NetherRealm rings, and he gives it to her.
    Daemona: Grandma? Is that you?
    • Another moment earlier in the same episode that doubles as a Tear Jerker: Daemona's searching her closet for her grandmother's will. When she finds it, she looks sad and says "I haven't looked at it since she-". Right as she's about to say the last word, Kira puts her hand on her shoulder, understanding that Daemona still misses her.
    • Navarro telling Daemona that despite her grandmother being gone, she's still watching over her from the NetherRealm.
    Daemona: Wow! My grandmother's looking after me from the spirit world. Rock on!
    • Daemona and Navarro hugging each other towards the end of the episode, following the final battle with Willard.
  • In the first episode, "The Demon Driver", Daemona downplays her importance to the team, since she's the Team Normal, when talking to Professor Navarro; he promptly tells her to never underestimate her role as The Smart Guy.
  • It's a small moment, but Daemona telling Casey that he's cute and adorable at the beginning of "Were-Dog" is incredibly sweet.
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  • Daemona's Undying Loyalty towards Kira as shown in "From Egypt, With Love". After providing last rights on the mummy of Prince Ahkenamun, the gang are transported to his tomb and he reveals that Kira is the reincarnation of his princess, Laiatiti. He attempts to take her into the afterlife with him, even going as far as to control her mind to follow him, but the gang fight to keep her with them. The desperation and determination in Daemona's voice really sells it.
    Ahkenamun: Why do you struggle so? Can't you see? Laiatiti and I belong together.
    Daemona: Well, her name is Kira now and she's my best friend. And if you take her, I...I'll find you. I'll never give up looking for her.
  • Kira acting like an older sister towards Jenny in "Haunted Dreams" was just adorable.
  • Meta example: The show's creators and staff have shown to be very appreciative towards the show's fans and their fanworks on social media.

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