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Nightmare Fuel / Nitrome

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  • The worms from Cave Chaos 2 are possibly the most horrifying things to come out of a Nitrome game. As if their appearances aren't enough to make you uncomfortable, their ability is to turn the cute protagonist into a nightmarish beast. The transformation itself is already nasty on its own, and the sound effects for it are just as unpleasant.
  • The whole game Parasite relies on the Villain Protagonist attempting to destroy a Sugar Bowl planet essentially turning it into a barren wasteland, and the main ability he uses is Mind Raping the cute inhabitants, transforming them into scary, mindless zombies that drool green slime and using their powers to help you progress. The worst part? When you're done using them, they explode into Ludicrous Gibs.
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  • Both Toxic games have a death animation where the hero is melted to a skeleton, which then crumbles to dust. The sickening sounds accompanying it aren't better. A very Family-Unfriendly Death for a game made by a company with mostly lighthearted games.
  • Pixel Pop is for the most part, a fun, family-friendly game, except for the vampire level, which if you miss a vampire, it will suddenly show up very close to you with blood bordering the screen.

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