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Spoilers are unmarked

  • Parasite has goofy weaknesses for the Villain Protagonist. His control over the creatures of the planet is broken by "happy gas" that resembles giant hearts, and not only does he die in water, but the game actually explains it as the fact that he didn't take swimming lessons.
  • The ending to Sky Serpents. The hero has been killing giant monsters to beat his Old Man's score. He misheard 14. He killed 140. The hero's look of surprise is great.
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  • The ending of Mega Mash lists off the endings to all the 7 games involved. Most of them are straightforward, but the humor comes in with the ending of Nitrometris, where basically nothing happens. Then again, as the game points out itself, what were you expecting the ending to a Tetris clone to be like?
  • The startup to Test Subject Arena 2. It's both funny and satisfying to see Doctor Nastidious get anti-climatically killed by the Professor, especially with the laugh he makes afterwards.