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Advance Wars

  • Kanbei's Error introduces two rather classic lines in the AW community:
    Andy: What's an airport, again?
    Kanbei: Oho! What's this? A base for Kanbei's troops! Kanbei will make a mountain of troops! Ahaha!

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

  • In Black Hole Rising, Sami becomes a Damsel in Distress in the mission "To the Rescue" by becoming surrounded and trapped by the titular villain faction. Rather than put up with it quietly, her response to their demand to surrender is implied to be so severe that the grunt reporting to Eagle has to resort to writing it down instead of verbally repeating it. Eagle laughs at whatever the message says and simply calls her 'outspoken'.
    Sami: Right, here's my reply, and I want you to take this down word-for-word...
  • Andy calling Sturm a jerk when he uses the self-destruct button to blow up everyone.
    • After Hawke saves everyone, Andy wants a party with cake and ice-cream.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

  • The mission that allows players to build Black Bombs starts off with an absolute gem. Lash is apparently playing a game that sounds suspiciously like Advance Wars itself, with Hawke getting Not So Above It All and scolding her for it. Once the Allied Nations get there, Lash starts the battle by directly saying "Let's start the game!"
  • There are several funny moments during the feast cutscene after "Crystal Calamity."
    • First off, Sensei manages to forget who Grimm is, and Rachel has to remind him that Grimm's another Yellow Comet CO, just like him. Sensei promptly remembers and goes off to find him.
    • Meanwhile, Grimm himself is trying to get Colin to be more confident. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working.
    • One of the last bits is Jess trying to get Lash to eat properly, including teaching her how to properly use a fork, implying that Lash is an incredibly messy eater.
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  • Almost everything that Javier says is hilarious. Some highlights include referring to Kindle as the "witchiest of witches" and practically squeeing over Comm Towers in the mission against Kindle and Clone Andy.
  • Gameplay example. Tag-teamed COs have affinity ratings based on how well they work together, and some teams are so bad they get firepower penalties instead. Which two have the worst tag affinity in the game, at a whopping -35% firepower? Rachel and Koal. The reason? He insulted her face. Now bear in mind that the other negative affinities include Olaf and Lash (she destroyed his hometown) and the Green Earth COs and Hawke (he invaded Green Earth in the last game).
  • Another tag example: Von Bolt gets tag penalties with pretty much every Allied CO in the game. The only characters that he isn't penalized with are the Bolt Guard, Flak, and Adder, with whom he's completely neutral instead of getting a direct bonus. That's right. Von Bolt hates everybody, and everybody else hates Von Bolt, that much.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict

  • Almost anything that comes out of Lin's mouth. She'd need her own folder if everything was listed.
  • A variety of the War Room (the hint system, not to be confused with the side battles in the Wars World games) scenes in Days of Ruin counts as this. They include Tabitha forcing Will to become her servant, Mr. Bear telling Penny to help Will, and Greyfield fleeing at the sight of Lin. Also, everyone, including Cyrus, telling Will to listen to the foe's advice on the Great Owl level.
    • Mission 4 has the Beast providing tactical advice. Much to Will's confusion.
  • Speaking of The Beast, his Large Ham way of speaking makes for hilarious moments, especially in the aforementioned War Room segment. Hint: Imagine him as Hulk Hogan.
  • The mission "Crash Landing" is a mostly serious (and often frustrating) affair, except for the generic enemy soldier's reactions to your tanks and rockets, and her attempts to get people to pay attention to the fact that the Great Owl is dropping. Eventually, she decides to get the hell out of Dodge and grab a parachute. Turns out, it's actually a sleeping bag. "...Ah, crap" is right.

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