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Nightmare Fuel / No Man's Sky

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In space, no one can hear you scream. No Man's Sky might have a big open universe to explore, but you're not always welcome. You'll dread these thoughts when you realize you're completely alone, on a dead planet, getting chased by dozens of sentinel drones. These are so many reasons space is so scary here, this game rivals 2001: A Space Odyssey in terms of things to be afraid of. Have fun pondering these trying to sleep in your base's bed.

  • Some abandoned buildings on planets are overrun with some kind of fleshy, tentacle-laden... things. Most of it is harmless. Some, not so much. And the not-so-dangerous things you can find in those overrun buildings? You will routinely find them outside on the planet's surface. This begs the question of whether those tentacles are part of the natural ecosystem, or The Corruption.
    • the NEXT update finally brought an answer to this question and...well, it's not pleasant. To elaborate, the aforementioned not-so-dangerous things are called "Whispering Eggs". Seem harmless at first, right? Well... shoot them with a boltcaster or mining laser and watch as your screen reads "Biological Terror Detected" and the floor near those eggs come alive with green horned aliens that have come for your blood. Sure, the glowing ball that comes from destroying these eggs are valuable, but just remember whose family you're pissing off...
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  • In the same vein as the above, Abyssal Horrors. These underwater monsters only appear when Hadal Cores are harvested. They look like glowing jellyfish, and are very eerie. Worst of all is how they can attack from extremely far away, so even if you're on your way to the surface with your Hadal Core, you're still not safe.
  • Quite a few of the planets in the game are very relaxing & friendly to traverse. THESE AREN'T.
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  • Quite a few of the things some NPCs will do or want you to do if you interact with them. One of the Korvax entities will ask you to stab yourself in the brain with a syringe to have them upload data into it!
  • Knowing you can be attacked by pirates or stumble into a dogfight at any moment when you are flying in space.
  • As of the update, you can now hire Technicians to aid you in building and managing your base. Each one has its own series of quests that begin with them happily integrating themselves into your home, but wind up as Paranoia Fuel.
    • The first of these, the Overseer, cheerfully claims to have been hired by you in the future and in an alternate timeline to find and aid you in ALL the timelines you meet them. They call you "friend" and give you the directives to find the others and build technician stations for them. However, as their quest progresses they begin revealing a strange resentment towards the player and arguing with themselves when they think the player isn't there. The strange look in their eyes and some of their descriptions imply them to be related to the unknown force monitoring the player, and by the last quest, it is clear that they are a shell of what they once were. If you've been completing the other technician's quests in conjunction, their dialogs imply that the Overseer and whatever force they are working for has corrupted or brainwashed them into staying at the base and serving the player. At the end of the Overseer's main quest-line, they have a repeating quest asking the player to take photos (screencaps) of specific planets so they can enjoy the sights. When spoken to further, they flatly state that they are trapped in that location and will remain trapped there until the end of the cycle, until they are reborn and again find the player in another world.
    • The Scientist is a Korvax robotwho has just passed some kind of test that allows them to explore other planets. They are thrilled to find a Traveler and look forward to studying new worlds, but soon after they are inexplicably cut off from the Korvax Hive Mind and ask the player to see why. The reason is that they've had prolonged exposure to you, a Traveler and an anomaly that is some how a corrupting influence that the Korvax don't want infecting the rest of their hive mind. As you run from station to station, attempting to reconnect the Scientist to their fellows, the Scientist goes insane from loneliness and attempts to make its own hive mind by implanting sentience in a beacon device it has you make. Through the quest, it refers to its "child" and the affection and worry it has for it while also worrying about the hive mind. At the end of the quest, you finally return its Korvax Core after having it put through the equivalent of a factory reset, and the Scientist is completely stricken of all its previous personality. It calmly destroys the beacon device "that tried to convince (me) of its love" and gives you the parts to use in an upgrade. It has no memory of anything thats transpired.
    • The Gardener is a Gek, like the Overseer, and as with the others, they are thrilled to have been hired on. Unlike the other Gek, the Gardener refuses to be a trader and instead chose a life of producing life, for which it was ostracized by its family. While they initially get along well with the Overseer, near the end of their quest-line they begin having nightmares and they tell the player that the Overseer has been dropping hints that they are unhappy with the Gardener's performance. Later, the Gardener says that the Overseer has asked the Gardener to do SOMETHING, though they do not say what. They only tell the player that they will NOT do whatever the request is, and they promise to "stay (them)self" and stay loyal to the player. After, the Gardener sadly reveals to the player that they have been fired and will be leaving soon. Before they go, they suddenly and desperately tell the player that something is terribly wrong, and that they think the Overseer has been drugging their food. They almost immediately recant and say they were joking. At the end of their quest, they have "decided" to stay on your base with their flowers, despite not being paid. The Overseer is satisfied.

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