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Nightmare Fuel / Mortal Kombat: The Movie

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  • Shang Tsung's soul stealing, which happened to both Liu Kang's first opponent and Art Lean. Not helped by the first case where he would proclaim "FATALITY!".
  • Although the bastard deserved it, Sonya crunching Kano's neck with her legs, and the sounds accompanying it.
  • Scorpion revealing what's behind the mask and turning everything to ashes.
  • Sub-Zero (a villain in this movie) being impaled with an icicle formed with a bucket of water and turning him into ice.
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  • The initial shot of the movie: Shang Tsung stealing Chan Kang's soul and proclaiming that Liu Kang was next. Even if it was All Just a Dream, it was definitely nightmare-inducing.
  • Goro's rampage. Shang Tsung purposely keeps him from fighting early on until he decides to quit playing around. The Shokan and reigning Champ effortlessly batters his way through other fighters in the tournament, knocking them aside with his punches and blows, easily winning with zero difficulty. Art Lean manages to land a few hits in but doesn't even phase the monster who relentlessly pummels him to death. And remember, with each one Goro defeats, Shang Tsung takes their soul.

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