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Nightmare Fuel / Mortal Kombat: The Movie

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  • Shang Tsung's soul stealing, which happened to both Liu Kang's first opponent and Art Lean. Not helped by the first case where he would proclaim "FATALITY!".
  • Although the bastard deserved it, Sonya crunching Kano's neck with her legs, and the sounds accompanying it.
  • Scorpion revealing what's behind the mask and turning everything to ashes.
  • Sub-Zero (a villain in this movie) being impaled with an icicle formed with a bucket of water and turning him into ice.
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  • The initial shot of the movie: Shang Tsung stealing Chan Kang's soul and proclaiming that Liu Kang was next. Even if it was All Just a Dream, it was definitely nightmare-inducing.

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