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Heartwarming / Mortal Kombat: The Movie

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  • At the beginning, Liu Kang is more concerned with avenging his brother than stopping Outworld. Raiden helps break him out of this way of thinking by reminding Liu he is not responsible for Chan's death. Chan may have died fighting Shang Tsung, yes, but it was his choice to fight in the first place. It ends up serving as a "Eureka!" Moment, when Liu remembers his brother didn't blame him for his death.
    Raiden: Every man chooses his own destiny. Chan knew that.
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  • After Liu Kang kills Shang Tsung, every soul the sorcerer has stolen is freed. The soul of Liu Kang's brother Chan stops to say goodbye to him and promises they will be reunited some day.
  • Johnny challenging Goro so that Sonya and Liu do not face the same fate as Art Lean.
    Raiden: What have you done?
    Johnny Cage: I made a choice. This is our tournament, remember? Mortal Kombat! We fight it!
    [Johnny leaves. Raiden smiles]
    Raiden: ...Good. At last one of them has understood.
  • The reunion of the heroes with Raiden at the end as he congratulates them on winning the day.
    Liu Kang: I guess you knew it would end this way?
    Raiden: ...Didn't have a clue! Heh heh! You humans are so unpredictable! I gotta tell you something, you guys did great!

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