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Nightmare Fuel / Guardians of the Galaxy (2015)

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  • Rocket's origin story, which shows him helplessly flailing and trying to escape. He is then bound to a chair and essentially has a history of military training burned into his brain. The procedure affects him so badly that his own mother and siblings do not recognise him and consider him something different.
  • Peter almost being Thrown Out the Airlock twice, the first time by accident and the second time on purpose.
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  • From Groot's short, Ronan gutting Groot's planet after wiping out all the specimens but him- burning them all with Death from Above.
  • "Knowhere to Run" introduces a brain parasite that causes its victims to relieve guilty memories, and experience the pain they inflicted on others. Gamora in particular relieves memories so painful, that Star-Lord has to beg Korath to make it stop.
  • Groot's fungus infection has transformed him into a gigantic monster who went on an uncontrollable rampage. The Guardians fear that the villagers will resort to Kill It with Fire methods, even if it means killing Groot.
  • There is a species with telekinetic powers. Their coming of age ritual strips their children of emotions at 11 in order to control their powers better. The Guardians are horrified.
  • Everything involving Korvac, an AI who will turn organic life into mindless extensions of himself that even J'Son fears him. Jerkass Dad is bad enough, but Peter is just horrified seeing his father become taken over by Korvac.
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  • Doctor Minerva torturing Rocket in "Gotta Get Outta This Place" to get him to become a "good rodent". Even the other Guardians are convinced she broke him.

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