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  • When Drax enters a prison ship to free Ronan's slaves:
    Alien: Why do you show your face?
    Drax: Because I have removed my helmet.
  • From "Knowhere to Run", Star-Lord's inability to feel any pain from having the parasite attached to his face.
    Star-Lord: Okay, there was a time in the second grade when I smacked Mikey Coogan on the playground, but he totally deserved it. Then there was that Aaskvarian I dated once and never called, but you know, she had an attitude.
    Gamora: Figures. Quill has no guilt about anything.
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  • In episode 4, turns out Drax hasn't gotten any better understanding sarcasm.
    Gamora: Drax? What are you doing here?
    Drax: (Removing mask) You knew it was me?
    Drax: (Glances at Rocket) But I do not resemble Rocket.
    Gamora: (Face Palm) Sarcasm, look into it?
  • Near the end of episode 4, Rocket struggles to readjust his new seat in the upgraded ship:
    Rocket: Hey! How come mine don't recline?
  • After taking Star-Lord's advice on how to blend into the Nova Corps in "Undercover Angle", Drax proceeds to believe himself as being one.
    Drax: I am Nova Corps. We are all Nova Corps.
    (Bypassing guards shrugs shoulders)
    • Gamora had to save the boys from a rampaging giant woman prisoner by knocking her down.
    Gamora: Quill, what is it with you and your ex-girlfriends?
    Star-Lord: Beats me.
    • Star-Lord attempts to introduce himself to the Black Order, only to get the simultaneous response "Who?"
    Rocket: (Chuckles) Never gets old.
  • Gamora finding Quill on Nebula's ship by following the dopplering scream.
  • From "Hitchin' a Ride", the symbiotes. While Nightmare Fuel in and of themselves, Quill's methods of fighting them - by cranking up the volume on his music - are hilarious. And when Yondu doesn't believe him, having nabbed them just after they escaped the symbiote filled mine...
    Okay, I give. If you let us go, you can have everything in the mine in three, two, one... *cue screaming ball of symbiotes*
    • And when the symbiotes get loose from Rocket's vial on the Ravager ship, Yondu can be heard going, "Aw no, not again."
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    • Peter trying to escape from symbiotes by using the mine carts from Temple of Doom trick is funny enough, but then he has to explain what a movie is.
    Drax: Why would you pay to watch people lie to you?
  • At the end of "Bad Moon Rising", after the lesson of knowing when to grow up, Peter is back to his usual antics. This time he's riding on the ship's wings as it spins like a rollercoaster ride. At first the other guardians find it ridiculous as usual, until Gamora says that it actually looks like fun. Cue the guardians rushing to have the next turn once Peter is done.
  • In another episode "Crystal Blue Persuasion", Peter tries to teach the team to play baseball. No one gets it, Rocket keeps on asking where the diamond is, and after Peter insists on how Baseball is huge on Earth, they run into the Inhumans who have apparently never heard of it.
    • At the end of the episode the only one who understands Baseball and wants to play with Peter is Lockjaw, a dog.
  • Spartaxian Immigration control in "Don't Stop Believin'" is hilariously airport-like.
  • After becoming Prince of Spartax in "Accidents Will Happen", Peter's attempts at diplomacy almost set off galactic war, and cause the leaders of the Galactic Council to engage in all-out brawls with each other. Twice.
    • Peter is accompanied by his half-sister Victoria during the second attempt. It's easy to tell their related when both come running out of the council chambers and note:
    Peter & Victoria: Kay, don't get mad.
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  • From "Asgard War: Part 1", just the fact that Thor keeps addressing J'Son as "son of J".
  • In episode 22, "Welcome Back" several of the Guardians have funny interactions on Earth.
    • Peter, after being gone for so many years, doesn't recognize his hometown or new technology.
    • Cosmo finally gets to act like a normal dog, rolling in grass and putting his head out of the window of a car. He also encourages his fellow dogs to be free of their cages.
    Cosmo: Comrads, you have nothing to lose but your leashes! Run! Live! Be free!
    • Drax takes a liking to Earth's corndogs, eating them in the middle of a fight in the mall while saying "must have more!" He even mourns them when they are destroyed in the mall.
    • Rocket says Duct Tape is the greatest thing ever. He carries several of them with him through the episode and becomes protective of them.
    Rocket: Save the Duct Tape!
  • In episode 23, the Guardians encounter a giant worm, which Peter insists must have been mutated by the Cosmic Seed.
    Peter: Worms do not get that big!
    Drax: On Deninghumfor they are even larger.
    Gamora: And on Escala.
  • A teaser was released for Season 2 which had ECM for the Guardians. They are trying to leave earth, but the Milano is overweight. Peter rushes back to find a room filled with duct tape (Rocket claims it's very useful for fixing the ship), A closet filled with corn dogs (Drax claims the nutrients), and a room with weights and lifting equipment (Gamora claims it's hard to get a work out in space). Peter orders it all overboard, and Gamora opens the door to Quill's room, filled with cassette tapes.
    • After it's all dumped, Rocket turns to tell Groot he has to drop his stuff too, it's only fair. Groot's stuff is a single butterfly in a glass jar with a stick and a leaf. Reluncantly he does so... and the butterfly lands on the controls and accidentally causes the ship to plummet towards earth anyway. See the full thing here
    • The other shorts all have some funny moments too, but the funniest is definitely the one staring Drax. He must find a huge stuffed toy for Rocket to fix the ship and finds himself at a country fair that he believes to be an Earth prison. He thinks rides are torture machines, breaks the High Striker and tries to win a game to knock down bottles to get a huge toy for his mission and a little girl. After failing the game he discovers that it is rigged and declares the whole fair to be an evil organization and destroys it, and the children cheer him on as he does so since they get free toys. As Drax leaves with the toy he needed he tells the kids to never return to this horrible place, and the butterfly from earlier knocks over the bottles that he failed to.
  • In the first episode of Season 2, Drax is completely convinced that the Avengers are a team of criminals who destroy anything in their path in the name of vengeance. He warns the humans to flee from them. While holding onto a bus to help children escape from a different threat. And while teamed up with Captain America.
    • Captain America tries to argue/explain the name of "Avengers" a few times. He eventually gives up.
    • Peter also has no clue what the internet is, what the Avengers are, and considers dressing up as Captain America to be in bad taste.
  • Drax is constantly fooled by Rocket's lies through the episode "Lyin' Eyes", including that Duct Tape makes great armor and that he needs his Pocket Dimension Vial because it has his mom's tail fur in it.
    • While Drax and Rocket are gone the rest of the Guardians don't even realize they are missing because they are enjoying the quiet on the ship. They finally realize what's wrong after Drax and Rocket are gone for 3 days.
    • Rocket's communicator gets quicksand in it and he claims it's a quick fix. Fast foward a few days and he is still working on it, and Drax is growing so hungry he briefly has the idea to eat Rocket.
      Rocket: Almost done.
  • Spider-Man's interactions with the Guardians in "Back in the New York Groove".
    • In one scene, Gamora calls Peter Quill "Peter" and Spider-Man reacts as well, prompting Star-Lord to figure out Spidey's name is also Peter. Spidey's denial doesn't sound sincere.
    • When Spider-Man gets inside the Guardians' spaceship to tell them the symbiote wasn't destroyed, he goes full fanboy mode and, forgetting why he went after them in the first place, keeps looking everywhere until he opens a bathroom door and finds Drax in there.
  • "Black Vortex" brings us Gamora getting sucked into a fairy tale world, where some cutesy talking forest animals list the qualities that make her a princess (her father Thanos ruling a planet, having a wicked stepsister, and her flowing hair). Gamora is then forced to clean up the house while the animals sing a "Whistling Song" and hide her weapons while she cleans.
    Gamora: Why is there so much talk of whistling when it's ALL SUNG?!


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