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Nightmare Fuel / Fear Itself

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  • Eight of the most powerful superhumans on the planet are being empowered and possessed by Hammers not unlike that of Thor's while being ordered to spread as much death and destruction as possible to resurrect a God of Fear as powerful as Odin himself! The level of Curb-Stomp Battle the "Worthy" give out is pretty hard to watch, since it makes it clear the heroes literally stand no chance without a Deus ex Machina. Even further is if the Heroes lose, Odin will effectively destroy the planet to get rid of the threat before it spreads, while mankind is trapped in the middle to suffer and die.
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  • The fate of Paris. Grey Gargoyle, one of Iron Man's old foes, is upgraded into Mokk, Breaker of Faith. He uses his supercharged powers to turn essentially everyone in Paris into stone... and then starts crushing them. When he fights Iron Man, the fight keeps shattering more and more people. When Iron Man gets beaten by Mokk the first time he awakens to find himself surrounded by a mountains made up of the broken pieces of petrified people. Keep in mind that Gargoyle's powers have proven to be reversible, so Stark feels the pressure to defeat Mokk quickly, but... It's enough to cause Iron Man to start drinking again.
  • Even with all of Earth at battle, it all comes down to Captain America, a magic hammer and some farmers in a truck to make a last stand for all the marbles.

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