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  • Iron Man trying to make Odin appear by drinking alcohol is in several ways a profound moment, but the bottle of Merlot is labeled "Démon dans une Bouteille" and has a picture of an Iron Man helmet with tiny horns on it.
  • The Deadpool tie-in miniseries features the Merc with the Mouth tricking the idiotic supervillain Walrus into thinking that he's gained one of the magic hammers and going on a rampage through a small town in the middle of nowhere, so that Deadpool himself can show up and convince the townspeople to hire him to get rid of the Walrus. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In one story in the Homefront tie-in, Amadeus Cho teleports himself and four other teen heroes onto a flying ship inhabited by Japanese shark...samurai...things that is going to attack Hawaii, entirely for his own personal aggrandizement when they're seen saving a major population center. This ends up leading to two CMoFs:
    • The first is the look on their faces when the rest of the team realize that it was Cho who transported them to that ship in the first place.
    • At the end of the story, with Hawaii saved and Cho basking in the adulation of the locals, he suggests to the other kids that because they're famous heroes now they should form a team to take advantage of the publicity. X-23's response? A swift kick in the balls. But what really sells it is Cho's last line as he's bent over in pain nursing his groin:
    Amadeus Cho: (weakly) Thank you for not using your claws.note 
    • This story also becomes Hilarious in Hindsight: Cho chose his "team" because they fit certain archetypes, comparing them directly with their related Marvel heroes: Spider-Girl being compared to Spidey, Thunderstrike to Thor, Power Man to Iron Fist, and X to Wolverine. In May 2015, it was revealed that Laura would actually be taking over the mantle of Wolverine following the conclusion of Secret Wars.
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  • In The Deep as an empowered Tyrak the Terrible attempts to take down the Defenders, he attempts to intimidate the Silver Surfer by bragging about how he has crushed the Avengers singlehandedly. Norrin simply responds by blasting him in the face with the Power Cosmic with a nonchalant "Who hasn't?"
  • Rockslide's reaction to having his ability to explode himself supercharged by Gambit in a(n ultimately failed) attempt to stop the Juggernaut:
    Rockslide: On a scale of one to a million this rates awesome!
  • Just the fact that most of the X-Men tie-in is spent with them attempting plan after plan to stop Kuurth's rampage crosses over into funny.

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