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Nightmare Fuel / Cats Don't Dance

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Here, kitty!
  • The Dark Reprise of "Big and Loud", and Darla in general. What makes her scary is just how disturbingly straight her sociopathy is played.
    • She wears clippers on her head during the song. At the end, she plugs them in and it shocks her. She seems to be incapable of feeling pain as she doesn't react to it at all.
    • Her evil laugh in the German dub. In the English version, it's relatively normal and actually a little bit cute. Here, however, it sounds like the laugh of some deranged serial killer or something.
    • "Invite that CAT... to TEEEAAAAAAAA!"
    • Not since the Queen of Hearts has the imagery of cute Valentine hearts looked so evil...
  • The fact that Danny was nearly murdered by Max. What makes this moment even more terrifying is that since the animals are made to symbolize the minorities who were unable to get the work they wanted because of their race, and were also denied their rights, such as a murder not being taken seriously enough. In other words, had Max succeeded, then no one, except Danny's friends, would really care about his death. Even if anyone else did care, there's nothing they can do about it out of fear of Max, let alone getting on Darla's bad side.
    • Max's intimidating nature was Played for Laughs throughout the movie, but in the climax he actually seems genuinely terrifying, especially when he's about to go in for the kill, laughing and giving a Slasher Smile.


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