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Nightmare Fuel / a-ha

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  • The lyrics of "Scoundrel Days," which describe a man's broken psyche as he cuts his wrists open, heavily hallucinates and runs around his town — before throwing himself off a cliff in front of his townspeople.
    • Actually, several lyrics from the Scoundrel Days album are very creepy once you set the music aside. "I've Been Losing You?" About a Yandere's thoughts after he shoots his girlfriend to death. "Maybe Maybe?" About a Destructive Romance that finishes when the girl runs the dude with her car.
  • The video for "Velvet," in which the three band members are killed off. Morten is offed in an Electrified Bathtub, Paul got shot in the head, and poor Magne got stuffed into a freezer with a plastic bag over his head.
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  • The two Rival Racers from the Take On Me video, who attack The Hero and The Girl inside the comic book. Not only do they look rather disturbing due to their stiff faces (unlike the warmly animated Hero and Girl), they also have very creepy lifeless eyes, and were going to MURDER the protagonists because the Hero beat them in a car race. The Girl only barely escapes because the Hero opens a portal back to the real world, while he himself is on the receiving end of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown using pipe wrenches.
  • The opening to the "The Sun Always Shines on TV," which counts as a Downer Ending To "Take on Me." The hero turns back into a comic book drawing and apparently dies in front of The Girl.


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