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  • The 1985 version of "Take on Me" has solidly been catchy all the way even to this day. It has to be credited as what made this band so famous. It's also groundbreaking in the animation industry for not only being the first animated music video, but the first rotoscoped music video ever made.
  • "The Sun Always Shines on T.V." is also incredibly catchy.
  • "The Living Daylights" was used by the James Bond film of the same name.
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  • The catchy "Train of Thought".
  • "Summer Moved On" is quite the incredibly epic pop song.
  • While not an official song by them, this a-ha/Beatles remix is simply amazing.
  • Their "new romantic" version of "Cryin' In The Rain." Because that song wasn't already depressing enough.
  • "Analogue", the title track from the album of the same name, is an anthemic love song that shows off Morten's soaring vocals perfectly.

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