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Nausea Fuel / The Inbetweeners

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Just when he thought he'd hit rock bottom.
  • Simon puking all over Carli's little brother.
  • The boys go with Jay to Caravan Club. They're introduced to Jay's dad by way of his pungent farts in a caravan whose windows don't open.
    • He also has a habit of getting piss everywhere.
    • The morning after their underwhelming experience at Caravan Club, the boys realise that the seats in Simon's car are all damp. Neil says he had a girl in there and they masturbated all over the seats.
  • When the boys find out that there's a party they weren't invited to, they try to crash it. Will tries climbing under the fence, only to get dog poo on his jacket.
  • Simon gets into a nightclub after switching his trainers with a homeless man's shoes. Everyone notices the smell of piss. When Simon leaves, he sees the homeless man has somehow managed to get crap on Simon's trainers.
  • Some poor sod shook Jay's hand after he had a quick one.
  • The foreshadowing of Will's bowel problems. Simon tells Will that just having one energy drink causes him to crap rusty water and Will's mum asks Will to wipe down the back of the toilet bowl.
    • After Will soils himself, he carries his pants around in a plastic bag, to the annoyance of Simon.
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  • Jay pierces his ear, which leads to an infection and lots of blood.
  • Simon's testicle popping out of his speedos while he's volunteering as a catwalk model.
    • At one point in the boys' changing room, we see someone with a ridiculously hairy back.
  • Tara french-kisses Simon right after vomiting. If you look closely, you'll see some chunks on her tongue as she dives in.
  • Neil chugs a bottle of soft drink with cigarette butts in it and later pisses all over Will. Will can't figure out why it's green.
  • The lads eat semi-raw sausages during a camping trip, then Neil vomits when they're all trying to sleep, thus setting off a puke chain reaction while Jay panics and fails to unzip the tent flap.


  • Jay is caught masturbating. By his mother. And his prepubescent sister. Wearing a diving mask. And oven mitts. And using slices of ham. Ham. As in: slices of the dead flesh of animals. He's practically made of this trope.
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  • Carli's new fling James extorts money from Jay, not realising he'd been hiding his cash in his rectum. As soon as James snorts some cocaine using the note as a straw, he gets Jay's fecal matter on his nose.
  • Fernando, the Master of Self-Fellatio!
    "Neil and Jay never told us how close they got to Fernando's cock, but they said they could smell it."
  • In the sequel, Neil shits in Will's face and pisses in Simon's. He also goes commando while wearing a skirt, which leads to a dog licking his balls.