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Jay is telling the truth

All of his crazy and obviously false stories about his sexual experiences? All of them, 100% true.

Carli's dad will be played by Anthony Head

Neither of her parents have been seen since the show's start, potentially developing for a massive reveal. If she is indeed going to appear in the film, perhaps her dad will as well - played by Emily Head's real dad, Anthony Head.

  • Actually, Carli's mother did appear in the show.
  • Jossed by the movie. However, he does play Will's dad.

Will is descended from the Blackadders.

And Neil is a Baldrick.And Jay is from a hopeless cadet branch of the Flashhearts.

Chris Groves, the guy Jay mentions as being his friend in the year above is "The Football Friend"

The Inbetweeners is set in the same universe as Spaced.
  • Derek had to get out of the comic store business after Bilbo poached Tim back and settle into a real job to support Simon and his brother.

The Inbetweeners is set in the same universe as The Office.
  • Somebody needs to get this to the producers of the MTV version, so they can sneak a Dunder Mifflin paper box into a scene or two!

  • His paranoid questions ("Are you staring at my cock?" "Are you looking at my arse, or something?") as well as his threat to Will about killing him if he reveals his Hidden Heart of Gold are classic signs of someone in fear of being outed and being ridiculously proactive in defence from it. Furthermore, he has a crush on Will, if his taking photos of Will on the toilet are any indication.

  • His years as a teacher have clearly left him weary and cynical, but he once may have believed that he could make a difference to the lives of the young people he teaches. Too many students with a variety of annoying personalities, anti-social disorders and downright stupidity have worn his morale down to the point where he's just riding out his career until he can claim his pension.

Neil will end up getting off with his own mother.
  • His Missing Mum was brought up a few times in The Inbetweeners 2, and he famously Likes Older Women. It's also likely he won't recognise her, because he's Neil.
    • She did get him that bike for his birthday, so he's at least still in contact with her.

Will's dad and Mr. Gilbert are bitter rivals.
  • Why else would Gilbert be such an asshole to Will from the get go? Okay, Will's insults to Gilbert didn't help, but he was unnecessarily harsh to him for asking a genuine question. Gilbert furthers his revenge on Will's dad by shacking up with his ex-wife.

Neil Likes Older Women because of his blind date experience.
  • He picks Suzy, who's only around 12 or 13 and is doing her A levels four years early and is bitterly disappointed. After the lads follow him down to the fried chicken place and (presumably) take the piss out of him, he decides to never be caught out again, instead only going for those older than him (so much older just to be sure).

Will has some sort of pheromone imbalance.
  • Why else would hot women be attracted to him but other guys (apart from Simon, Jay and Neil or course) utterly hate him? It's primal.

Jay is a Chubby Chaser in the closet.
All of his vocal disgust at sleeping with a "fat" woman is just an Armoured Closet. He's overcompensating to hide his embarrassment at how horny fat women make him. When he finally gets together with a woman who is even slightly chubby, in the first film, she dates him for a little while, finding him sweet when he's not trying to impress his 'lads' since they split up to go their separate ways (university and a gap year in Australia and so on). But then she dumps him (as we find out in the second film). Maybe she dumped him because he kept trying to convince her to gain more weight, probably while being as much of an asshole about it as he usually is.
Neil is an Idiot Savant.
While we all know that Neil is The Ditz, there are also a few occasions where he's actually on the mark, such as successfully predicting that the school would serve sausage rolls at Alistair's welcome back do and pointing out the holes in Jay's Blatant Lies before Will and Simon do. Also, whenever someone employs him, he proves strangely competent with the bank even giving him a bonus because he's "the cleverest non-agent there". My guess is that he can function better in a practical sense than, say, Will, who is academically clever and has common sense, but has No Social Skills.

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