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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Horror

  • A subtle one: Jay's one of the most hilarious characters on the show, but look at him from a psychological perspective and something surfaces. He has an extremely warped and fantasist view of sexuality and the female gender, an unhealthy relationship with an overbearing parent, self esteem issues and a pathological need to be noticed. That could lead to...issues in the future.
    • In the series 3 finale, it's revealed Jay's parents had sent him to a psychologist in the past.
      • It has to be said that whilst his father is often pushy and rude to him in public, we never see what happens behind closed doors.
      • It is also hinted at by Neil that Jay was sexually abused by his elderly neighbour as a child.
      • Having said that, the two times Jay actually managed to get a girlfriend, he treats them surprisingly respectfully. In fact, the only reason the first one dumped him was because Jay took some terrible advice from his Dad and came off like a ClingyJealousGuy.
      • Word of God states that they'll all grow up to be regular well-balanced men; they just had an embarrassing young adulthood (and who didn't?).
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  • "Between you and me, the only reason anyone becomes a teacher is because they've taken a more relaxed view on police checks in recent years" Now obviously Mr. Gilbert was alluding to Paedo Kennedy with that line, but could he also have meant himself? He constantly acts like he's resisting the urge to strangle someone and his willingness to cover up Kennedy's lapses seems like something only an equally guilty person would do.
  • On the camping trip, when Neil finds out his lover has chlamydia, he doesn't even know what chlamydia or STDs are. It's never even mentioned after that. If Neil doesn't know how serious STDs are, did he even get tested? This gets worse with all the random women he pulled in the movie..
Fridge Brilliance
  • Early on in The Movie, Jay's dad asks who Neil's dad is. Neil and Jay have been friends for a long time and all the other boys' parents have met and know of Kevin's Ambiguously Gay nature. Jay clearly never had his dad anywhere near Neil's, (quite rightly) out of fear of what he'd say.
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  • Why can't James detect that his brown nose is the thing putting everyone off him on the boat? Why, because snorting cocaine ruins your nostrils, of course. He can't even smell it!
  • Lucy's transition from gentle pining to full-on possessiveness may seem like Character Derailment, but when you take Simon's attitude into consideration it makes total sense. Simon seemed to switch between budding romance with Lucy to tripping over himself to be with Carli. Now he's going abroad and Lucy can't help but wonder if Simon will meet someone who could be even better than herself, just as she was a better girlfriend for Simon than Carli.
  • Neil is established to be studying Biology in the first series. But by the end of the second, his exam subjects are Tech & Design and PE. It's entirely possible that he either dropped Biology or was removed from the class after making the move on Miss Timms. Well, either that or he failed it.
Fridge Logic
  • Jay can't wank in front of his dog, but has no problem wanking in front of old ladies? What?!
    • He wasn't wanking in front of the old lady on purpose. He thought the room was empty. The moment he realised there was someone in the room, he quite clearly wasn't happy.

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