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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The Series
As the Bro Code states, a true friend will always have a condom handy.
  • The end of the very first episode. After grassing and making all of his classmates hate him at the pub (including Jay and Neil), Simon decides to stick with him.
  • The final episode of series one when the boys all jump together on the trampolines.
  • The episode "Girlfriend" has Simon warning Will that Charlotte will break his heart. Will disagrees and the two argue bitterly and go their separate ways. After Will messes things up with Charlotte, he sees her looking for a new man at a charity dating game, the final twist of the knife. Later, when he's at home with his mum, Simon and Jay come over to invite him to come and watch Neil on his own embarrassing date. The fact that these two (particularly Jay) would go out of their way to cheer Will up is really quite nice, especially considering how cynical the show usually is.
  • Neil's offer to buy Jay chips after being dumped.
    • Just before that, a drunken Will comforting and putting his arm around a tearful Jay.
  • The entire sixth form standing up for Will and telling Donovan to leave him alone in "Xmas Party".
  • Simon reluctantly letting Will come with him when he goes to Tara's sister's house, because Will admitted he gets lonely without the other three around.
  • Donovan threatening Will if he hurts Charlotte, in a way.
  • "Do you want a lager, Si?"
  • Although it was also fairly hilarious, especially considering what happened shortly afterwards, but Neil asking Simon whether or not he and Jay should look after Will after Simon has moved to Swansea was fairly heartwarming. He just worries about Will, that's all.
  • Jay setting Simon up with Becky at the Caravan Club meeting. He even gives him a condom. Sure, he embellished a few details about her and Simon makes a complete balls of it as a result, but it shows that Jay does have some redeeming qualities and genuinely wants Simon to forget about Carli and find someone better for him.
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  • There's a sort of childish sweetness in Neil getting a truck driver to honk the horn, to the delight of everyone else on the bus.
  • Simon's dad relating to him after he confesses his feelings for Carli to him. He relates a story of someone very similar and it's clear from his tone that he really cared about this girl. Of course, he immediately ruins the whole thing by mentioning Simon's mother's sex drive again.
  • When Jay accidentally wanks off in a room which an old lady is sleeping in, his first response is to apologise to her. The old lady is actually pretty flattered by it, since he was jerking off to a picture of her when she was younger.
  • Charlotte not being your stereotypical Alpha Bitch, even if she has no romantic interest in Will. It's quite sweet when she thanks him for taking part with her in the 80s-style fashion show.

The Films

  • The group hug from the film.
    • Followed by Jay giving up his bed to Will when he goes to sleep in the anthill.
      • As Will's being carried off, he can be heard drunkenly muttering that this has been the best night of his life.
  • Will sending his dad a picture of his new girlfriend, which causes him to shed tears of pride.
  • The part in the second film where all the boys hold hands as they think they're going to die in the Outback. The fact that Will and Jay are the first to hold each other's hands is pretty heartwarming as well. Doubles as a bit of a Tear Jerker, particularly the part where Neil and Jay hold hands, even if it is slightly Played for Laughs.
    • Will's apology to Jay as well, for leaving him instead of helping him find Jane.
  • Will realising that he would rather spend time with his true friends rather than a girl who doesn't really care much for him. It's telling that he's willing to risk being sick on a small plane just to catch up with them.

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