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Utano's Doing It for the Art makes it possible that every single panel on both doujins references one moment in the anime and manga. Let's try to list them all:

Dio's Bizzare Adventure

  • In chapter 1, it's shown that Erina stole Dio's first kiss, a complete reversal in the manga.
  • Chapter 2 has Dio parody one of his most famous quotes in the series:
    Dio: " I don't want to stop being human Jojo! I don't intend to transcend humanity!"
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  • Chapter 3 has Dio finding the stone mask and ends up transforming into a vampire using the stone mask, albeit unintentionally.
  • Dio kicks Danny the same way he did in the manga.
  • In chapter 6, Jonathan and Dio sees a wall that has cracks the shape of a human face.
  • Jonathan still does the skyward scream when Dio made his life miserable. Though this time he uses it to determine his thesis subject.
    Jonathan: "DAMN YOU DIO!....."
    ''*Falls into the river*
    Dio: "How is it, your "Dio-Telling"?"
  • Jonathan reacts to his father's name with such scorn that it would make canon!Dio proud:
    Jonathan: "As if that piece of trash has any honor at all! Dont you dare speak to me of that name again..."
  • Chapter 7 is basically a combination of Dio's and Jonathan's first and last fights that is incorporated in the climbing scene. Dio walks the cliff horizontally and Jonathan falls and saves himself by using an iron spear tip and his belt to latch himself to Dio.
Jonathan: "Goodbye Dioooooo!..."
  • In chapter 13, Jonathan is rushing to finish his thesis with Dio and Speedwagon helping in out. Jonathan retorts to Dio's question with one of the latter's most famous quotes:
    Dio: "What's the minimum number of pages your department requires you to write?"
    Jonathan: "What was that? How many breads have you eaten in your life?"
  • The scene where Dio confronts Jonathan with the fallout of the fight with Tarkus is the same way how Dio entered the Joestar Mansion before he was arrested.
  • Chapter 14 has a lot of callbacks from the manga. Poco is flying around in a rope and his sister is in love with Dio, Tonpetty and Straizo make an apperance with Dire slowly unleashing his Signature Attack,
  • The fight with Wang Chan still happens, where he meets his fate of being crushed in the motors and is the reason why the boat is sinking.
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  • The coffin where Dio used to seal himself for one hundred years appears as Jonathan's way to prank Dio. It saved their lives when the ship explodes just like how Erina used it to save herself in the manga.

Summer Break

  • Chapter 1 reveals that Joseph's hobby is crossdressing and he's always wearing his infamous tequila outfit.
  • In chapter 2, Avdol's face is drawn the same way as his Jojonium Cover.
  • The group poses the infamous 'man train' while they are paying for the airline tickets.
  • Polnareff's is introduced with him taking pictures of women while doing his famous spine-breaking pose.
  • There's a small one in chapter 11 when the narrator says that Jotaro is knowledgeable in all animal life, not just marine ones.
  • Polnareff still doesn't escape his bathroom curse, with him forced to clean all bathrooms thanks to throwing the fridge to the ocean. One of the bathroom stalls even has a pig's head on it.
  • Kakyoin's doppelganger is shown to be Rubber Soul impersonating as him.
  • Joseph and Dio communicate via hermit purple using the TV as a medium, just like how they spied on DIO in the in the early chapters.
    DIO: "Joseph Joestar! You! I see you!"
    Joseph: "Uh-huh, and I see you Dio. And your voice is coming through loud and clear. How is it at the end? All good? I'll hang up now."
  • The luxury liner has a crane that is suddenly uncontrollable like in Forever's ship, which releases all animals on the cruiser. Some of them are Forever, a pig which gets in the toilet, a snake and an elephant that belongs to Nena.
  • Jotaro sings the phrases the mob of beggars said to them when they arrived in India.
  • Chapter 21 has Avdol's reaction on being called ugly like getting shot by a speech bubble and his pose resembles the time he was shot in the forehead by Hol Horse.
  • The restaurant scene has them saying lines from when Polnareff joined them in the restaurant in Hong Kong.
  • Nena gave Joseph a character merchandise that resembles the Empress Stand. It even covered Joseph and Polnareff in coal tar.
  • The amusement park is basically the same one from Death 13's nightmare world, although it is a normal one. Some rides are modeled after stands they meet before reaching Egypt, like Lovers, High Priestess and Judgement.
  • ZZ is shown to be a monk who is chained down to endure severe training to hone his body and spirit. And he's depicted in a panel with his stand.
  • Star Platinum's frightened face is the one from the Death 13's arc where it smashed it's face flat with a frying pan.
  • Some of the food sold at the amusement park are things from the Death 13 arc, such as [[Squick Joseph's baby food with poop,]] a scorpion and eyes cream.
  • Judgement's clones of Avdol is his old man disguise and him laughing out loud while peeing.
  • Jotaro and Dio's reunion is basically taken from the famous staircase scene with Dio and Polnareff. Polnareff even quotes the same lines.
  • The stand arrow that gave Dio his stand makes an appearance in chapter 53, which Chaka explains as how Jonathan (and the rest of the Joestar family) got their stands.
  • Important items from Part 1 are shown as Jonathan's collection, such as the knife he used to stab his father, Bruford's sword of Luck and Pluck and the iron spear.
  • Joseph uses his Hamon to attract magnetic objects to himself while chasing Mariah, just like in their fight.
  • Jotaro's reaction to Daniel D'Arby challenging him to a game in order to pet his cat is to bet his soul for it. His pose here is the one where he spits out his cigarette and bets him to call his hand.
  • Daniel D'Arby and Joseph have a conversation where they talk about surface tension of a drink. One of the chips dropped in the drink as an example even has the Joseph's face on it.
  • Joseph also references a memetic line from the Duwang translations.
    Joseph: "To think that my grandfather stole my other grandfather's possessions... get a feeling so complicated
  • Joseph and Straizo's fight is almost the same as in part two, which some elements of part 3 mixed like Old Joseph wrapping his stand infused with hamon and Straizo using Young Joseph's grenade trick. Joseph's clackers also make an apeerance here and he sings the song like in his fight with Wamuu. He also meets his canonical fate here.
  • Jotaro stops his heart in order to try to fool Dio.
  • One panel of Polnareff and J.Geil's fight is the same pose where Dio punches Polnareff's torso in the final fight.
  • Senator Phillips and Jotaro has a Ham-to-Ham Combat where Jotaro references his quotes from his fight with Kakyoin and Senator Phillips says his lines when Dio forced him to chase Joseph and Kakyoin in the final battle of part 3. Amusingly, the translator worked it into resembling the Navy Seal Copypasta.
  • Chapters 86-90 incorporates some moments from Straizo's and Joseph's fight from Part 2 and Kakyoin and Jotaro's from Part 3: Straizo takes a hostage and Kakyoin, acting like Joseph in the manga, refuses to fight him letting the hostage get hurt. He's secretly possessing the hostage to stab the former's eyes just like how he possessed the nurse in part 3. Kakyoin then lures the latter in the rooftops of Cairo where he meets his canonical fate, just like the climax in Part 3.
  • In chapter 89, Kakyoin has his hair styled the same way as his first manga appearance. Meanwhile Jotaro looks like his OVA counterpart, minus the badassery.
  • In the same chapter, the doodles shown are the fly sketch drawn by Star Platinum (flying around a poop) and the painting by Kakyoin used to injure the former in their fight in the manga.
  • Joseph pranks Caesar the same way he pranked Jotaro after the fight with Dio. Caesar even asks the same questions Jotaro asked though he still punches Joseph's lights out.
  • Chapters 92 - 96 is one big homage to the famous DIO vs. Jotaro fight, only with their positions reversed note . It also gives a hopeful version of Jotaro's last words to DIO before their Mexican Standoff.
  • Okuyasu's father makes a cameo when Straizo is explaining how killing him will turn Dio to an unintelligible monster
  • In the last chapter, both Dio and Jonathan make poses that resembles Giorno's poses. Specifically, Dio does this pose meanwhile Jonathan copies Giorno's boob window pose.
  • Jonathan locked Dio for 48 hours under the sea as punishment of rampaging around where he was rescued by fishermen, just like how he was revived in the start of part 3.
  • The last panel is the photo taken after the group reaches Egypt.

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