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I know you're gonna stay!
But if you wanna be somewhere you don't have to be alone
Or distraught or anything at all
Baby, you don't have to be, pack all your things
And we'll move to Somewhere City
— "The Title Track"
Somewhere City is Origami Angel's first studio album, released in 2019.

Somewhere City is an alternative indie rock album. Its lyrics primarily describe a place called Somewhere City that the singer likes to visit when he feels sad, as he knows his life is better there. Topics explored in the album include finding the strength to continue even when things are difficult, acknowledging your self-worth, supporting the people you care about, and being able to see the good in a bad situation while knowing that it'll always get better.


  1. "Welcome to..." (03:05)
  2. "24 Hr Drive-Thru" (02:44)
  3. "666 Flags" (02:47)
  4. "Doctor Whomst" (02:59)
  5. "Say Less" (02:25)
  6. "Escape Rope" (02:16)
  7. "The Title Track" (02:31)
  8. "Skeleton Key" (03:02)
  9. "Find Your Throne" (03:26)
  10. "The Air Up Here" (04:44)

The trope list never lets me down!:

  • Album Closure: According to "The Air Up Here", the singer plans to stay in Somewhere City and is never going to come back home.
    I'm finally somewhere that I have to be
    Where I've been living peacefully and happily
    To paradise out of a catastrophe
    And I feel worthwhile now
    'Cause the city never lets me down
  • Album Intro Track: "Welcome to..." introduces Somewhere City as a place that the singer goes when he feels "so lost", somewhere where "there's places you can go, there's people you should know" and he feels more at home there than where he was before.
  • Album Title Drop: Happens in "The Title Track" with "pack all your things and we'll move to Somewhere City" and "I'll show you Somewhere City's waiting for you".
  • Ambiguous Situation: Is Somewhere City a real place? It's suggested, but "The Title Track" saying that "the secret is it's in your brain" and "the city's never far away" could suggest that it's not a physical location, but rather a mindset the singer has. Furthering this, an early song, "666 Flags", has a mention of the singer taking medication to calm his nerves.
  • Be Yourself: "Find Your Throne" includes the singer telling a friend that they don't have to try being anyone else, and he knows them better than anyone else:
    So tell me all about the life you live
    Tell me all the things that you would give to be someone new
    I think you're better being you
  • Book Ends: "The Air Up Here" re-uses a verse from "Welcome to..." In addition, both songs include the lines "the city never lets me down."
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: "Say Less" is about someone who disrespects the singer, making fun of him in front of their friends. The singer doesn't buy it, with one line being "you're not so good at hiding the fact that you don't like me", and wishes to stand up for himself.
  • Complete-the-Quote Title: The first track is "Welcome to..." The album cover has the sign for Somewhere City, suggesting that it's meant to be "Welcome to Somewhere City".
  • Continuity Cavalcade: Near the end of "The Air Up Here", verses from previous songs are played in succession, sometimes overlapping, ending on a reprise of "Welcome to..."'s opening.
  • Drive-Thru Antics: "24 Hr Drive-Thru" is about the singer inviting his friend to go out for fast food on a rainy night, so they can "fill up both of their water cups with Dr. Pepper and then act like they paid".
  • "I Am Becoming" Song: "Doctor Whomst" opens with the singer recreating a childhood memory, and then wondering if it's really the nostalgia that's making him happy. He concludes that he's "starting to like himself" and is finally happy with who he is.
  • I Choose to Stay: "The Air Up Here" is about the singer reaching out to an old friend after an extended trip to Somewhere City, saying that it has nothing to do with anything bad they did: he just likes Somewhere City more because his life is better and he feels like he belongs there, and he invites them to join him.
  • "Leaving the Nest" Song: "Welcome to..." and "The Title Track" both introduce Somewhere City. The former is about the singer describing how much he likes the city and goes there when he feels sad, while the second is trying to convince someone else to join him.
  • Longest Song Goes Last: "The Air Up Here", at 4:44, recaps the entire album.
  • Pep-Talk Song: "Find Your Throne" is about the singer supporting someone, telling them that they're fine the way they are, and that he'll never stop being their friend.
    For the millionth time
    I really wanna see you start to shine
  • Production Foreshadowing: "666 Flags" includes plans to build a "Gami Gang theme park". Origami Angel's next album is titled GAMI GANG.
  • Shout-Out:
    • "Doctor Whomst" mentions the singer having watched Danny Phantom as a kid.
    • "Escape Rope" is named after an item in the Pokémon series.