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Soak is the second album from Guitar Fight From Fooly Cooly, released August 14, 2020.
Hello, goodbye / I failed, you tried / Dying inside / But I won't listen to it

It falls squarely into the "Emo Revival" part of Emo Music, but has influences from many other genres like math rock and noise rock.


  1. 64 (1:20)
  2. My Friends Are My Power (Spoiler Alert!) (1:38)
  3. Middle Of Night Middle Of Night (1:58)
  4. 4th Gen (3:01)
  5. Teens//Candle (3:42)
  6. Ginger Ailment (3:55)
  7. I Hate That Place, Dude (1:22)
  8. Dr. Robot (2:02)
  9. Stay Hydrated, Fuck Em (3:03)
  10. Lad Buck Called, Said He's Got Some Bad News (2:23)
  11. Tea And Crumpets (3:08)

Soak contains examples of:

  • Album Intro Track: "64" is (just barely) the shortest track on the album and introduces the album with some riffs and samples of Super Mario 64.
  • Emo Music: Falls into "Emo Revival". Musically, it uses distorted guitars playing either Math Rock-tinged riffs or power chords and the lyrics are emotional, blunt, and often yelled.
  • Last Note Nightmare: Ginger Ailment starts out as a surprisingly calm song right after Teens//Candle, one of the harder songs up to that point. About halfway through, it stops for a second before launching into heavily distorted Noise Rock and stays that way for the last half of the song.
  • Math Rock: There's some distorted math rock style riffs on the lighter songs on the album, like 64 and Stay Hydrated, Fuck Em.
  • Noise Rock: The last half of Ginger Ailment. The first half is calmer and almost ambient, but the last half launches into heavy distortion and noise with no warning.
  • Non-Appearing Title: All of the songs, except a sample in My Friends Are My Power and the Harsh Vocals ending of Tea And Crumpets.
  • Re-release the Song: Stay Hydrated, Fuck Em was released as a demo in June of 2019.
  • Sampling:
    • 64 samples Super Mario 64, mainly Mario's voice lines and... elevator noises?
    • My Friends Are My Power samples a line from when Sora battles Riku in Kingdom Hearts.
      "How will you fight without a weapon?" "I know now, I don't need the keyblade, I got a better weapon. My heart!" [...] "I don't need a weapon, my friends are my power!"
    • Both Teens//Candle and Dr. Robot use samples from FLCL, with the latter using the "guitar hit" noise. What would you expect from a band called Guitar Fight From Fooly Cooly?
  • Shout-Out: Many, throughout the album. Also see Sampling.
    • My Friends Are My Power samples a line from Kingdom Hearts and the lyrics talk about "feel[ing] like a Heartless" and asks "will I ever find my keyhole".
    • 4th Gen:
      We're in Sinnoh and I'm fighting Team Galactic again / But you know / It won't be for too long / I'm far too distracted / Yeah / No Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum for me
  • Textless Album Cover: Aside from some labels you can barely make out, the cover is completely textless.