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From Top Left Clockwise: Thunder, Mir, Seung Ho, Lee Joon, GO

MBLAQ, which stands for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality, is a three member Korean pop boy band, formerly five, created in 2009 by Korean idol sensation Rain through his label J.Tune Camp.

MBLAQ is known for being the "real idol" due to the fact that none of the members have ever gotten plastic surgery, which is a norm in Korean entertainment.

MBLAQ's members consist of Leader Seung Ho, Main Vocalist GO and Rapper/Maknae Mir.

Former members Lee Joon (Main Dancer) and Thunder (Visuals) officially ended their contracts in November 2014 after their concert finished, so Joon can focus on acting and Thunder on studying music. They first announced the possibility of not renewing their contracts months earlier, which lead media articles to report that the group would also disband after their concert. The rumours were soon denied, stating that it's likely they won't disband even if members leave the company. Despite the unfortunate news of the two members leaving, the group still stands.

Some of their more famous singles include:

  • Oh Yeah (2009)
  • Y (2010)
  • Stay (2011)
  • Cry (2011)
  • Your Luv (2011)
  • Mona Lisa (2011)
  • This Is War (2012)
  • Smoky Girl (2013)

MBLAQ contains examples of:

  • Accidental Pervert:
    • Seungho - On a variety show called Idol Army, Seungho presented ladies' panties to a member of the girl group Secret, explaining that this is what he believed women wanted based on research.
    • Thunder - Accidentally brushes the chest of a host and is called a molester (Idol Army).
  • Boy Band - A Korean Pop Music example, duh.
  • Color-Coded Characters
    • Music Video for "Oh Yeah" - Later have different colored linings on clothes.
    • Music Video for "Smoky Girl" - Different colored hair.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment
    • Sesame Player Punishments:
      • Fart bombs - they look innocent enough.
      • Air filled plastic hammers - they really hurt each other.
    • Idol Army:
      • Flipped into a pool based on trigger words.
      • Sticker punishment - sounds harmless until you realise they cover every last inch of their face.
      • Getting kissed by Jung Juri - look her up, she's freaking awesome.
  • Fanservice
    • Pelvic thrusting in dances, especially "Smoky Girl" and in particular "Sexy Beat".
    • Backless outfits.
    • Dancing with poles/microphone stand - "Sexy Beat".
    • Chest pumping - "Oh Yeah".
    • Crotch touching - Numerous stage performances.
    • For some, Lee Joon's pants splitting on stage and on camera.
  • A Father to His Men In this case Rain who is very demanding when it comes to practices and live performances
  • Fun with Acronyms - MBLAQ stands for Music Boys Live In Absolute what?
  • Fun with Foreign Languages - One day MBLAQ got a new house
  • Manly Tears
    • Everyone - Music Video for "Cry".
    • Lee Joon:
      • Music Video - "This Is War" and "Y'
      • Real Life - When he's made fun of.
  • Mr Fan Service - Lee Joon and his famous washboard abs.