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Captive Hearts (Toraware no Mi-no-Ue) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Matsuri Hino. The Kuroishi and Kogami families have a strange bond: For 100 generations, the Kuroishi clan is compelled to serve the Kogami clan, with mind, body and soul.

Fourteen years ago, the entire Kogami family disappeared. The head butler, Yoshimi, and his son Megumi reside in the Kogami house, living a life of luxury. Megumi, in particular, is happily enjoying his easy life, until one member of the family is discovered alive in China. Megumi is determined to refuse to serve his new mistress, Suzuka, when he returns, but he quickly learns that the compulsion to serve is not one he can ignore; it is a full curse. When they first meet, he kneels before her and kisses her hand to welcome her home, then proceeds to carry her into the house. Though he tries to fight it, he soon realizes he cannot.


As the series progresses, friendship and romance grown between Suzuka and Megumi as they learn more about the curse. Suzuka is no happier with Megumi having to suffer the curse, and together they try to find a way to break it.

Captive Hearts provides examples of:

  • Disproportionate Retribution: Because a thief tried to rob the Kougamis centuries ago, his descendants were forced to serve the Kougamis for the next hundred generations.
  • Legally Dead: Yoshimi inherited the Kougami Family's estate when the Kougamis were declared dead and he kept it until Suzuka was found alive. Her parents are eventually revealed to be alive as well.
  • Not Quite Dead: Early in the series, it was revealed Suzuka was alive all this time. The same would eventually be revealed true for her parents.
  • On One Condition: Suzuka's father made a will stating that, if he died and left no heirs, his estate should be split between his wife and Yoshimi. While Suzuka and her parents were all officially declared dead, Yoshimi got the whole money until Suzuka was found.
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  • Royalties Heir: Suzuka's inheritance includes patents to some medicines.


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