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Screamo Music
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Screamo is a Hardcore Punk-influenced offshoot of Emo Music which originated in the early-1990s San Diego hardcore scene with bands such as Heroin and Antioch Arrow, who took emo and incorporated far more aggressive and chaotic performances and Harsh Vocals. In the following years, bands like Saetia and Pg. 99 expanded the sound, while other groups such as Orchid and Jeromes Dream mixed it with Grindcore and powerviolence to create an even more extreme variant known as "emoviolence". The genre continued to thrive and develop in underground punk scenes around the world from that point onward, while never even coming close to the mainstream.


Be warned, though: this label is very controversial, with many bands either rejecting it or referring to it as "skramz". Remember, just because a band screams in some of their songs does not automatically make them screamo. The term became frequently misused throughout the Turn of the Millennium to describe Post-Hardcore and Metalcore bands that use Harsh Vocals. However, these styles are vastly different from what the term originally referred to, and describing such bands as screamo is a major Fandom-Enraging Misconception among listeners of traditional screamo.


Bands associated with Screamo include:

  • Ampere (Spiritual Successor to Orchid)
  • Birds in Row
  • Bucket Full Of Teeth (also Grindcore)
  • Circle Takes the Square
  • City of Caterpillar
  • Daïtro
  • Envy
  • Funeral Diner
  • .gif from god (emoviolence, also mathcore)
  • Hot Cross
  • I Hate Myself
  • In/Humanity (Trope Namer and possible Ur-Example for emoviolence)
  • Jeromes Dream (emoviolence)
  • Kidcrash (also Math Rock)
  • Kodan Armada
  • La Quiete (emoviolence)
  • Loma Prieta (emoviolence)
  • Lord Snow (emoviolence)
  • Merchant Ships
  • Neil Perry
  • Off Minor
  • Old Gray
  • Orchid (Trope Codifier for emoviolence)
  • Pg. 99
  • Pianos Become the Teeth (up until Keep You, where they became straight-up Emo Music and Post-Rock)
  • Portraits of Past
  • Portrayal of Guilt (emoviolence)
  • Raein
  • The Saddest Landscape
  • Saetia (the Trope Namer)
  • Sed Non Satiata
  • Suffocate for Fuck Sake
  • Swarrrm (also Grindcore)
  • Usurp Synapse (emoviolence)
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  • Viva Belgrado
  • William Bonney
  • Wristmeetrazor (emoviolence, also mathcore)
  • You and I

Tropes Common to Screamo Bands include:

  • Grindcore: Has a close association with this genre and its less metallic sibling genre powerviolence, with some groups such as Orchid, Pg. 99 and especially Swarrrm demonstrating influences from the style.
  • Metal Scream: The genre is built upon entirely upon the use of type 3 "screech" vocals.
  • Sensory Abuse: Bands such as Orchid and Jerome's dream aim for a chaotic and noisy sound with extremely dissonant chords, pounding drums, throat-shredding screams and extremely treble-heavy and raw production.
  • True Art Is Angsty: The building block of several groups.

Alternative Title(s): Screamo