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Louis Fletcher is a Brilliant, but Lazy high school student. Like the rest of his family he has potential, but is too much of a layabout to use it, settling for an average life. Or so he thought.

When waiting for his friend Jessica at the bookstore one day, he met a beautiful girl who introduced herself as Alice. After a short chat Alice suggested they meet at the bookstore the next day for a date. When Jessie heard the news, she decided to congratulate Louis by taking him to lunch. That's when things got really weird. Alice and Louis noticed that all of the people in the mall had suddenly frozen in their tracks. When some water creature attacked Jessie, she was saved by, who else? Alice. After tackling Jessie to the ground she kills the water monster and drags her and Louis to a mirror where she pushes the pair in. Once inside, they find themselves in a sitting room, where Alice takes the time to formally introduce herself. as Alice Pleasance Liddell. That's right the Alice. Turns out the Liddels were a mage family and the book was based on Alice's experience discovering inter-dimensional travel. When she was 10, that's right Alice was a magic prodigy. Because of her discovery she was granted the title Sorceress of the Wondrous Looking Glass. Eight years later, Alice created a homunculus to take her place in the public eye, while she went traveling to her heart's content, after making herself ageless, she set off, seeing the multiverse and helping people all along the way. And now she has people to travel with. After resolving the incident that brought the trio together, Louis and Jessica packed their bags and went on the trip of their lives.


The story combines elements of sci-fi series Doctor Who with tinges of the Magical Girlfriend genre. Hopefully will be published as a Light Novel series. Created by Lockon Lockon.

Ex Alice provides examples of:

  • Alice Allusion: The original.
  • Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: Alice. Wonderland was based on her discovering inter-dimensional travel, and Looking Glass was about her discovering that she could use her ability to travel through mirrors to do so.
  • Just Friends: Louis and Jessica. Permanently enforced due to Jessica being lesbian, as Louis found out when he confessed to her in the past.
  • Lemony Narrator: Louis.
  • Magical Girlfriend: Not strictly speaking. Alice is clearly magical, and she said herself that the trips are her way of taking Louis and Jessie on a 'date'. But the story tends to focus more on the adventures than the relationships.
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  • Magic Mirror: Alice can turn any mirror into this, she uses a compact to analyze her enemies. But unfortunately she can only travel through mirrors large enough to step through.
  • Really 700 Years Old: By the time she meets Louis and Jessica, Alice would have been 158 years old. She may be older, or younger even because her dimension hopping allows for time travel.
  • Savvy Guy Energetic Girls: Jessie has always been an athletic and rowdy Genki Girl, and Louis has always been able to deal with it. Throw in the only slightly more reserved Alice and Louis starts to have a bit of trouble.
  • Shout-Out: Many, many, many to Carroll's works, but these are for the ones that aren't to those.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Alice and Jessie, but played with a little. Alice was raised in the Victorian Era, so she's feminine and explicitly states that she does not like trousers. But she is also energetic, lively and reasonably athletic, all traits she found useful in her verse-hopping. Jessie, is athletic and boisterous, but is not against wearing feminine clothing, and likes sewing.
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  • Triang Relations: Type 9, Alice is attracted to both Louis and Jessie on a personal level, but isn't really in love with them yet. Fortunately, Louis and Jessie have agreed not to let their feelings for Alice ruin their friendship.

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