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Arin: "Oh haha, I'm gonna fucking touch that dick. I mean DK..."
Dan: "Mmm-hmm."
Arin: "I'm gonna touch that DK. That Diddle...That Diddle Kid."
Dan: "Oh, 'Diddle Kid'?! Please don't make that a character."

On episode 18 of the Game Grumps' let’s play of Super Mario Odyssey, Arin notices the letters "DK" and associates them with a new character called Diddle Kid. Arin and Dan spend the next several minutes creating the scenario in which this trope list is constructed from.


Tropes that apply to Diddle Kid (Episode):

  • Adult Fear: Imagine having to worry about your child being raped every time they go out into the streets by a masked man that the police can't seem to catch.
  • Annoying Laugh: His Establishing Character Moment is him creepily laughing at Cop!Dan for mistaking him for The Riddler.
  • Bat Signal: Cop!Arin and Cop!Dan attempt to use this to call for Batman, but Diddle Kid shows up instead.
  • Black Comedy Rape: Used by both Diddle Kid and The Diddler throughout the episode. When Diddle Kid defeats a thug, he's shown lying on the ground in a goofy position post-diddle. But thankfully when The Diddler states his intent to "touch that dick", it is treated as being a joke, but it also doubles as showing the threat that Diddle Kid faces.
  • Character Title: Diddle Kid's debut episode is his name.
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  • Closest Thing We Got: When Cop!Arin and Cop!Dan use the bat signal to call for Batman, Diddle Kid shows up instead.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: Invoked by Ryan Storm to give Cop!Arin and Cop!Dan more unique poses to draw them in. Cop!Arin appears to be more passive with all of his lines just stating the obvious and doing nothing else. Meanwhile Cop!Dan is more active; shielding his girlfriend from Diddle Kid, and having to shoot either Diddle Kid or The Diddler in a SpotTheImposter situation.
  • Harmless Villain: When The Diddler is introduced creepily laughing at Cop!Dan for mistaking him with The Riddler, he is treated as the butt of a joke rather than as a legitimate threat. That is until the shot where The Diddler says he is going to "touch that dick", showing the reality of the situation.
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  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Implied to be the case when Cop!Dan shields his girlfriend from him, and when he and Cop!Arin are disappointed that after using the Bat Signal, Diddle Kid shows up instead.
  • Foil: Diddle Kid and The Diddler act as this to each other. Both of them are people who don masks because they are obsessed with diddling and no one takes them seriously. DK tries to channel this obsession into a tool for justice to keep others from hurting, while The Diddler only cares about using his diddling talents to get what he wants, uncaring about how he hurts others.
  • Shout-Out: A pretty hilarious one to Batman after Cop!Arin and Cop!Dan use the Bat Signal.
    Diddle Kid: "Batman’s a pretty penny, but Diddle Kid is cheap as hell!"
  • Spot the Imposter: Inverted. Both Diddle Kid and The Diddler tell Cop!Arin to shoot themselves instead of the other one.
    Diddle Kid: Shoot me!
    The Diddler: No, Shoot me!

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