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Ho Yay / Slam Dunk

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It's a series with lots of good-looking male characters. OF COURSE the Yaoi girls will be all over it.

  • When Ryota and Hanamichi come into basketball practice with their arms over each other's shoulders, they naturally get a lot of weird looks and Gori even flatly states, "That's disgusting."
    • It becomes completely hilarious when you notice that Hanamichi and Ryouta form a friendship based on their horrible luck with the ladies, because they both have a similar situation with an unrequited love.
  • Uozumi and Akagi's rivalry is just made of this. Even Inoues seems to poke fun at it later on by showing them hugging and crying on each other's shoulder with their "gorilla" faces on.
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  • Mitsui with Kogure, definitely. Kogure is one of the few persons Mitsui is genuinely close to in the series, in return Kogure is specially devoted to Mitsui and fusses over him almost like a "nagging wife", Kogure is the other person aside of Anzai who manages to get to Mitsui and help with his Heel–Face Turn, in the third OAV's Kogure collapses due to an injury and not only Mitsui is the first one who notices he really isn't well, but when he passes out he screams his name all over...
  • Kiyota's worship of Maki treads sometimes into this. In the Nagoya episodes, he TOTALLY went googly-eyed when he learned that Maki was well-known outside of their state, as if he was a fangirl in front of her favorite Idol Singer.

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