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Heartwarming / Treehouse of Horror

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  • In "Dial Z for Zombie", Bart helps Lisa in resurrecting Snowball I. Sure, he only did it to try his newfound dark magic but the gesture is still sweet.
    • When the zombies invades the Simpsons' home, Homer offers himself to them to save his family. Unfortunately, the zombies don't take someone who has no brain.

  • In "The Devil and Homer Simpson", Homer pledges his soul to Marge before they got married. This act saved Homer's life.

  • Willie throughout "Treehouse of Horror V" desperatedly tries to save the Simpsons. Sure he fails and gets killed in the process but it's a far cry from the grouchy jerk that most fans know him of.
    • He even gets a bone thrown for him at the end when he sings alongside the Simpsons.

  • In "Hell Toupée", Homer resists Snake's control over him to protect his son.

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  • In "Un-normal Activity", Homer once again makes another sacrifice to protect his family by engaging a three-way sex with two demons.

  • In "School is Hell", Bart is given one last test to make him a full-fledged demon and that maul Homer. Bart is horrified by this and refuses to harm his father.
    • But then it's revealed that Homer willingly accepts this and admits to Bart that he's so proud of him for becoming successful.
    Homer: Bart, you went to Hell and came back a winner like Jesus. Now come on boy, pull me apart like string cheese.

  • In "Geriatric Park", Lisa saves the day by spending time with the human-turned-dinosaur, Abe.

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