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Heartwarming / Too Cute

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  • Abyssinian Avalon looking after Tiny Dancer, the runt of her litter. Keep in mind that she rejected Tiny at first.
  • Whenever it's noted that, while their litter mates will be adopted out to loving families, a kitten or puppy will remain living where they were born in order to avoid breaking up an Interspecies Friendship.
  • Even though the kittens rather obviously aren't his, Siberian Maksim remains a loving father. Seeing him interact with kitty girl Mittens and helping her to get out of a closet is adorable.
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  • Heartwarming Orphan Oreo finally managing to get the attention of a mother cat. And before that, him befriending said mother cat's kitties.
  • Ella the Irish Terrier forming a bond with Gianni, her older brother from another litter, even though their mom is concerned that he'll be too rough with them.
  • The Tonkinese cat Queenie gets sick, so she has to "leave" her kittens and her grandkittens in the care of her eldest daughter Princess. Towards the end of the quarantine, Queenie's kittens Muffin and Cookie find their way to their mother and end up cuddling with her.


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