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Heartwarming / The Odd Couple (1970)

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  • The concept of the show itself: that Oscar simply took in Felix because his friend was in need and put up with his new roommate's idiosyncracies for years. The intro reveals that he didn't even deliberate for long, simply digging in his pocket for the extra keys once Felix showed up and explained the situation.
  • Most of "The Fight of the Felix" is a pretty sweet reminder about the leads' friendship.
    • When Oscar comes home with a black eye and plans to write an insulting column in revenge, Felix goes to talk to Splint personally to prevent Oscar from sullying his professional dignity with "yellow journalism."
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    • After Oscar finds out that Felix agreed to a boxing match with Splint, he protests strenuously and even begs Splint to call off the match so Felix won't end up injured or dead.
    • Finally, when Splint still tries to hit Felix while his back is frozen, Oscar refuses to let him. He ends up taking another punch for Felix and they have their "standing up for each other" talk.
  • In "Bunny is Missing Down by the Lake", the titular Bunny, a withdrawn, unpopular girl, develops a Precocious Crush on Felix when he does a Shakespeare scene with her. After her scout leader takes him away, she disappears into the woods. Felix and Oscar search for her until after dark and when they find her, Bunny races towards them and throws herself, sobbing, into Felix's arms. Felix talks to her about the reason she ran away, letting her down gently and using his own situation with Gloria to help comfort her.
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  • In "What Makes Felix Run", Oscar tries to get Felix used to messiness by dumping some of the contents of his room on him, only for Felix to go catatonic instead. Oscar immediately calls Dr. Cunningham, declaring it an emergency, and he continues to show great concern when Felix wakes up behaving more like Oscar.
  • A meta moment; when Jack Klugman was hospitalized for throat surgery, the first person to come to his side was his dear friend Tony Randall.
    • Jack was so fond of Tony that not only did he write a memoir about their friendship, but he also had dedicated an entire blog to him as well; makes watching all the times Oscar lashes out at Felix a little easier to think that deep down he doesn't mean any of it.
  • "Murray the Fink": Felix, who got released for good behavior, brings Oscar breakfast, which comes across as especially sweet considering how unappealing the prison food is.
  • The ending of "The Fat Farm" where Oscar tells Felix that he'll be happy even if he only lives 20 more years while Felix lives 25. Felix's (tearful) response? "I'll miss you."
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  • "Oscar's Promotion": When Felix, unable to stand the guilt, comes clean to Chuk that his reassessment was a lie, Chuk tells him that he actually knew from the start. However, he understands. After all, Felix was doing it for Oscar, and Chuk wrestles partially for friends back home who would lose face if he didn't.
  • "Big Mouth":
    • Oscar is legitimately sorry about the effect shooting his mouth off to Cosell had on Felix and ultimately goes back to the booth to beg the sportscaster to give Felix the benefit of having a celebrity client.
    • Cosell acts like a jerk for most of the episode, but his interactions with Charley, the Boy Scout who won the "Why I Want to Be Howard Cosell" contest, are genuinely sweet.
    • Cosell puts Oscar on the air suddenly, causing him to freeze up, and mocks him for doing so. Suddenly, Felix grabs the microphone and does the broadcast himself. Afterwards, he asks Oscar if he minded, and Oscar answers of course not, that he knew he was doing it to help him.
  • "The Murray Who Came to Dinner":
    • While it was inconsiderate of him not to ask Oscar first, Felix unhesitatingly offers to let Murray stay with them after hearing that his wife threw him out.
    • Felix continually going to the effort of making Murray's meals, and Murray's appreciativeness.
  • "Sometimes a Great Ocean": Felix goes to great lengths to tend Oscar after his ulcer starts acting up.
  • Paul Williams' Parental Love Song from "The Paul Williams Show."
  • "That is the Army, Mrs. Madison": After accidentally getting Oscar grounded on his wedding night, Felix tries to make up for it as best he can. He brings Blanche to the barracks and gives her a bottle of champagne (likely good stuff, considering how fussy Felix is about this kind of thing). He also has Murray stationed outside to make sure no one interrupts and gets him to play his harmonica for mood music.
  • "Felix Directs": Midway through filming, Oscar scares all the other actors out of the apartment. When Felix asks why, Oscar tells him that the producers just wanted Felix's shots as softening influence for a porno film. Felix admits he should have realized something was off and thanks Oscar for saving him.
  • "The Moonlighter":
    • Despite an outburst and some passive-aggressive behavior, Felix ultimately does take Oscar gambling away the money he gave him rather tolerantly (despite that even Oscar admits it counts as stealing). He insists that Oscar cannot continue working at the seedy diner where he's been moonlighting, ultimately giving him a job at the portrait studio when Oscar refuses to accept Felix's offer to pay him back whenever.
    • The scene in the studio with Felix, Oscar, and Florence the cow is quite sweet. Oscar had been left to watch Florence that night as part of his temporary job, meaning he missed out on a party. However, Felix comes back early from the opera because the Toreador song in the performance reminded him of Oscar. The two sit on the hay bales together and have an unusually friendly conversation.
  • "The Insomniacs": Despite his frustration with the insomniac Felix constantly bothering him, Oscar remains fairly patient with his roommate and does a lot of things in an attempt to help him finally get to sleep.