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The following is a recap of the episodes of the 1970-1975 ABC TV series The Odd Couple, starring Tony Randall and Jack Klugman.

Note: This page is in progress.

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    Season 1 (1970-71) 
  1. "The Laundry Orgy": Oscar sets up a date for him and Felix with the Pigeon sisters. However, not only is the newly-divorced Felix unwilling, but also the date will be at the same time as the weekly poker game.
  2. "The Fight of the Felix": Oscar ends up with a black eye after making a pass at a hockey player's girlfriend. He tries to defame him in his column, but Felix tries to appeal to the penalty box-prone sportsman's reason, only to be challenged to a fight.
  3. "Felix Gets Sick": Felix is in bed with the flu just when Oscar is about to have a hot date with a stewardess. When Felix convinces Oscar to take her to the apartment, it's the beginning of a long weekend.
  4. "The Jury Story": In a parody of Twelve Angry Men, Felix and Oscar reminisce about their first meeting—7 years before, both were jurors on an important trial. When the jury ended up on a stalemate because of Felix, he and Oscar were forced to share an apartment for the first time.
  5. "The Breakup": Oscar kicks Felix out, tired of his late-night cleaning. While Felix is unable to settle down without driving his hosts crazy, Oscar has little luck keeping house.
  6. "Oscar's Ulcer": Oscar is diagnosed with what could be an ulcer, so Felix decides to monitor his meals and activities.
  7. "I Do, I Don't": A bride is jilted at the altar because of Felix, who was supposed to be the best man but ended up recalling his failed marriage. Now it's up to him and a reluctant Oscar to make things right between the not-so-happy couple.
  8. "Oscar, The Model": Felix uses Oscar to pose for a cologne ad.
  9. "The Big Brothers": Felix joins the "Big Brothers Association", but his "little brother" seems to like Oscar better.
  10. "It's All Over Now, Baby Bird": Felix's parrot dies (apparently) and he wants to give him a proper sendoff. Final appearance of the Pigeon sisters.
  11. "Felix is Missing": When Felix has an unannounced assignment in Canada (ending up in the middle of a snowstorm), the "poker buddies" suspect that Oscar dispatched him.
  12. "Scrooge Gets An Oscar": Oscar refuses to play Scrooge in Felix's production of A Christmas Carol, and kicks him out. However, that night, he has a bizarre dream...
  13. "The Blackout": Oscar is suspected of having taken $50 when the lights go out during a poker game. Last appearance of Roy. one of the "Poker Players".
  14. "They Use Horse Radish, Don't They": Felix enters a cooking contest, but when he is literally paralyzed with fear, Oscar has to help him out, even if he unwittingly told a competitor about Felix's recipe.
  15. "The Hideaway": Oscar tries to hide his Eskimo friend, a college football star, from the league drafters. Felix, however wants to persuade the young man to pursue a career as a cellist instead.
  16. "Lovers Don't Make House Calls": When Felix falls sick, Oscar calls for a doctor, but he ends falling for the medic, Dr. Nancy Cunningham.
  17. "Engrave Trouble": Felix resorts to Oscar's underground connections in order to find his ex-wife's watch, which he took to change the engraving.
  18. "Bunny Is Missing Down by the Lake": Felix feels depressed after seeing his ex-wife in a date, so Oscar decides to take him to the backwoods, where they encounter a pretty camp counselor and three girls.
  19. "You've Come A Long Way, Baby": Felix is unable to go to Oscar's sportswriters' dinner as he has to look after a baby left behind at his studio.
  20. "A Taste of Money": Felix and Oscar ponder how their 10-year-old neighbor got two thousand dollars.
  21. "Oscar's New Life": After being fired from the newspaper, Oscar is hired by a magazine reminiscent of Playboy.
  22. "What Makes Felix Run": After a disastrous date with his ex-wife, Felix tries to cure his neatness.
  23. "What Does a Naked Lady Say to You?": Felix begins to date a librarian... whom Murray arrested days before for appearing on a nude play.
  24. "Trapped": Felix, Oscar and Nancy end up trapped in an elevator on their way to a masquerade.

    Season 2 (1971-72) 
  1. "Natural Childbirth": Oscar's niece wants to have her baby... in a dingy hotel room in the Bronx.
  2. "Felix's Wife's Boyfriend": Nancy fixes Felix's ex-wife with her brother, a "swinger", which predictably flares up Felix. First on-screen appearance of Gloria, Felix's ex.
  3. "Hospital Mates": Felix and Oscar have different accidents, yet they end up in the same hospital room.
  4. "Sleepwalker": Nancy convinces Oscar to be nicer to Felix. Somehow, this makes him sleepwalk and hit Felix with a newspaper every night.
  5. "A Grave for Felix": Oscar loses Felix's burial plot money (which he stole) by losing a gamble. Now he has to help Felix to find a decent final resting place.
  6. "Murray, the Fink": Murray arrests his "poker pals" after Oscar taunts him for being "too nice".
  7. "Does Your Mother Know You're Out, Rigoletto?": Felix organizes a production of Rigoletto, for which Oscar manages to get Richard Fredericks for the title role. However, Oscar ends up having to replace Mr. Fredericks after accidentally injuring him hours before the performance.
  8. "Fat Farm": Oscar reluctantly enters a health camp where Felix usually spends two weeks out of the year. Will he stave off temptation without losing his mind?
  9. "The Odd Couple Meet Their Host": When Oscar makes jokes about Felix on David Steinberg's show, Felix decides to make fun of Oscar's sloppiness nationwide as well.
  10. "Win One for Felix": Felix attempts to coach his son's football team, yet he knows absolutely nothing about football.
  11. "Being Divorced Is Never Having To Say 'I Do'": Oscar is expectant for his ex-wife remarrying, so he won't have to pay alimony anymore. Felix, on the other hand, suspects that this is a "convenience marriage". First on-screen appearance of Blanche, Oscar's ex.
  12. "Surprise! Surprise!": Felix decides to hold his daughter's birthday at the apartment, yet Oscar has organized a marathon poker game for that day.
  13. "Felix, the Calypso Singer": When Nancy has a last-minute call, Oscar reluctantly takes Felix with him to the Caribbean. Things get complicated however, when Nancy is finally able to come for her vacation. Final appearance of Nancy.
  14. "And Leave the Greyhound to Us?": Oscar finally wins a gamble... and a racing dog. Yet Felix would rather keep the animal as a pet.
  15. "Security Arms": When Felix is robbed, he and Oscar look for a safer place. Trouble is, the apartment looks more like a prison than a home.
  16. "Speak for Yourself": Oscar tells Murray the story about how Felix met Gloria in the early 1950s, and how Oscar had to propose to Gloria for Felix, who got so nervous he lost his voice.
  17. "You Saved My Life": When Oscar saves Felix from an accident, he tries to repay Oscar in every way possible. First appearance of Myrna, Oscar's secretary.
  18. "Where's Grandpa?" Oscar is overjoyed that Felix is taking a vacation, yet he has to put up with Felix's equally-fussy grandfather.
  19. "Partner's Investment": Oscar finds out that Felix had kept a saving account for him and decides to invest in a Chinese restaurant. Felix's overbearing management style however, drives customers, and the staff, away.
  20. "Good, Bad Boy": Felix decides to look after a youth from a reform school. Yet, he is outraged that the boy wants to date his daughter.
  21. "A Night to Dismember": Oscar, Blanche and Felix have different memories of the night Oscar and Blanche's marriage crumbled.
  22. "Oscar's Promotion": Oscar has the chance to work for the newspaper's Sunday sports supplement, covering a wrestling match between the U.S. and China. Yet Felix persuades the visiting wrestler to give up sports.
  23. "Psychic, Schmychic": Felix begins to think he has psychic powers when he predicts a number of events successfully. He later predicts that Oscar will be murdered at a banquet. Will this come true?

    Season 3 (1972-73) 
  1. "Gloria, Hallelujah": Myrna convinces Oscar to try his hand at computer dating. When he does, he ends up hooked up with none other than Gloria.
  2. "Big Mouth": Howard Cosell walks out from Felix's photo shoot after being insulted by Oscar.
  3. "The Princess": A beautiful princess Felix is taking pictures of, becomes interested on the sloppy Oscar.
  4. "The Pen Is Mightier Than The Pencil": Felix takes writing classes with a peculiar teacher.
  5. "The Odd Monks": A monk convinces Felix and Oscar to join his monastery.
  6. "I'm Dying of Unger": Oscar has trouble writing a book about the "killer instinct" in sports with the deadline closing in. Felix convinces the editor to give Oscar more time and decides to take him to the woods in order to alleviate his writer's block.
  7. "The Odd Couples": Oscar's very conservative mother comes for a visit—meaning that Felix and Gloria, and Oscar and Blanche have to pretend they're still married.
  8. "Felix's First Commercial": Felix is given the chance to direct a commercial featuring Deacon Jones, yet Oscar wants to appear too.
  9. "The First Baby": Oscar tells Myrna about the time Felix first became a father—and how he got thrown out of the hospital.
  10. "Oscar's Birthday": Oscar doesn't want Felix to remind him of his birthday, yet he stages a This Is Your Life-style surprise party for him.
  11. "Password": Oscar gets to appear on Password, having Felix on his team. Will they beat Allen Ludden and Betty White?
  12. "The Odd Father": Worried that he can't connect with his daughter, Felix decides to take her to work.
  13. "Don't Believe in Roomers": Oscar lets a wayward girl sleep in the apartment—Soon Felix and Oscar argue to see who of them she likes more.
  14. "Sometimes a Great Ocean": Oscar gets another ulcer, so Felix takes him to a cruise for seniors.
  15. "I Gotta Be Me": Felix and Oscar attempt to reverse roles in order to end their bickering.
  16. "The Ides of April": Felix comes to the IRS worried about a possible investigation of his finances, yet he only had forgotten to sign a check. In the meantime, however, a slip of the tongue gets Oscar in hot water with the U.S. Government.
  17. "Myrna's Debut": Felix discovers Myrna has a talent for tap dancing, persuading her to do an audition.
  18. "The Hustler": Felix's opera club depends on Oscar's luck in a pool game to buy new costumes.
  19. "My Strife in Court": After Oscar can't find a date for a play, Felix tries to get rid of the leftover ticket, but he and Oscar end up arrested for scalping.
  20. "Let's Make a Deal": When Oscar burns his bed with a cigar, he and Felix go to Let's Make a Deal with Monty Hall (an old friend of Oscar's)...
  21. "The Odyssey Couple": Oscar has Felix's new acquaintance, a Greek belly dancer, posing as the girlfriend he told his mother about.
  22. "Take My Furniture, Please": Felix decides to redecorate the apartment while Oscar is away, but Oscar ends up hating it.
  23. "The Murray Who Came to Dinner": Murray decides to stay with Felix and Oscar after a disagreement with his wife.

    Season 4 (1973-74) 
  1. "Gloria Moves In": Felix invites Gloria for the weekend while the house is being painted, in hopes of her taking him back. This however, clashes with one of Oscar's marathon poker games.
  2. "Last Tango In Newark": Felix has to do The Swan Lake after Edward Vilella is unable to make it on time.
  3. "The Odd Decathlon": After Felix faces a more restrictive insurance policy, he and Oscar duke it out to see who is the fittest.
  4. "That Was No Lady": Felix seems to have hit it off with a nice girl... the wife of Alex Karras.
  5. "The Odd Holiday": The boys remember the vacation they took with their wives in an attempt to save Oscar's marriage... only for Felix's marriage to crumble as well.
  6. "The New Car": Oscar wins a car in a contest on Dick Clark's radio show, but he and Felix have trouble not only to park the car, but also their turns with the vehicle.
  7. "That Is the Army, Mrs. Madison": Felix and Oscar remember the time they were in the Army, when Oscar and Blanche married.
  8. "The Songwriter": Oscar is dating Jaye P. Morgan, and Felix wants her to sing a tune he wrote when she performs on Wolfman Jack's show.
  9. "Felix Directs": Felix decides to make a film about Oscar... and his particular lifestyle.
  10. "The Pig Who Came to Dinner": Oscar hosts Bobby Riggs, who, through a series of gambles, manages to take everything Oscar has... and makes Felix his servant. Oscar then challenges Bobby to a winner-take-all ping-pong game... with Billie Jean King.
  11. "Maid for Each Other": When Oscar gets another ulcer, Felix decides to hire a beautiful and efficient nanny to take care of him.
  12. "The Exorcists": When Felix feels the air conditioner is haunted, he decides to hold a seance.
  13. "A Barnacle Adventure": Oscar discovers that his dentist has invented a glue made from barnacles and wants Felix to invest in it.
  14. "The Moonlighter": In order to pay back some debts, Oscar is forced to work at a greasy spoon.
  15. "Cleanliness is Next to Impossible": When Oscar's new girlfriend calls him a slob, Felix decides to hypnotize him into becoming a neat freak like him.
  16. "The Flying Felix": Felix's fear of flying risks costing him a lucrative ad contract, so Oscar decides to help him get over it to no avail.
  17. "Vocal Girl Makes Good": Felix's choice for the lead role of Carmen has stage fright... unless Oscar is onstage.
  18. "Shuffling Off to Buffalo": Felix's brother offers him a role in his factory.
  19. "A Different Drummer": Felix reunites his college band, who is to perform on a Monty Hall special, but Oscar is still mad at Hall for the humiliating experience in Let's Make a Deal.
  20. "The Insomniacs": Oscar is kept awake by Felix having a bout of insomnia. Thus, he seeks help from Murray and Myrna.
  21. "New York's Oddest": Felix decides to join the police security force, dragging Oscar with him.
  22. "One for the Bunny": In 1956, Felix is hired by the fledgling Playboy magazine, but he becomes pissed by the fact his fiancee Gloria is not only working as a "bunny waitress" at the "Playboy Club", but is also going to pose as the centerfold, leading to a suit against Hugh Hefner.

    Season 5 (1974-75) 
  1. "The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly in Vain": Felix attempts to turn Myrna into a lady after her boyfriend Sheldn breaks up with her.
  2. "To Bowl or Not to Bowl": Oscar's team is ready to take home the championship trophy...only to lose their star player, Felix.
  3. "The Frog": Oscar loses Felix's son's frog, which was to enter a jumping contest.
  4. "The Hollywood Story": Oscar lands a role in a movie, taking a star-struck Felix as his agent to Tinseltown, where they meet Bob Hope.
  5. "The Dog Story": Felix comes from his studio with a dog he took from its abusive owner.
  6. "Strike Up the Band, or Else...": In order to pay for a gambling debt, Oscar convinces Felix and his band to play country music.
  7. "The Odd Candidate": Upon learning that one council candidate is going to torn down a playground for a housing complex, Felix drags Oscar to run against him, facing off in a debate moderated by Howard K. Smith.
  8. "The Subway Story": Felix tries to convince Oscar that New York is not such a bad place after all, only to get trapped in another faulty subway car.
  9. "The Paul Williams Show": Felix's daughter runs away from the apartment after he forbids her from camping out for tickets to see Paul Williams, who turns out to be friends with Oscar.
  10. "Our Fathers": Felix finds out that Oscar's father ran a speakeasy in 1920s-era Chicago and visited Felix's dad for glasses.
  11. "The Big Broadcast": Oscar is given the chance to do a radio show, but makes the mistake of bringing Felix in to help.
  12. "Oscar in Love": Oscar's new girlfriend is a widow with two kids, who make him consider the idea of settling down.
  13. "The Bigger They Are": Felix recruits Oscar to pose for a project, although he doesn't tell him about posing as the "before" in a weight-loss ad.
  14. "Two in the Aisle": Oscar is assigned to fill in for the newspaper's theater critic. Since he knows nothing about the subject, he makes Felix his "ghostwriter". However, Felix ends up insulting every playwright in Broadway, even Neil Simon.
  15. "Your Mother Wears Army Boots": Felix attempts to convince Howard Cosell to hire Oscar, who tries to take him down with help from Jack Carter.
  16. "Felix, the Horse Player": Oscar has a rare winning streak at the races, so Felix decides to take a hand at gambling as well.
  17. "The Rent Strike": When the building's nasty manager raises the rents again, Felix leads his fellow tenants to strike.
  18. "Two Men on a Hoarse": Felix's meddling makes Oscar lose his voice just before an interview with Dick Cavett. Felix then loses his voice out of guilt. Then a burglar ransacks the apartment.
  19. "The Roy Clark Show": Felix discovers that Oscar's Army buddy is not just a practical joker, but also a quite good musician.
  20. "Old Flames Never Die": Felix panics about entering middle age after finding out that his high-school girlfriend is now a grandmother.
  21. "Laugh, Clown, Laugh": Richard Dawson chooses Oscar to co-host his new variety show, something that Felix doesn't take too well.
  22. "Felix Remarries": Felix convinces Gloria he's not a neat freak anymore... and she accepts to take him back.

     Made-for-TV Movie Reunion (1993) 
  • "The Odd Couple: Together Again": To avoid him from meddling on his daughter's marriage, Felix is forced by Gloria to move for a few weeks with Oscar, who just had a throat operation.