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Felix is heterodemisexual.
It would be very fitting, and there's some evidence that suggests it. Hints of this from the 70s series include:
  • He's only shown more-than-romantic attraction towards is Gloria. He had a few other girlfriends and crushes throughout the series, but he never seemed to be interested in them in "that way".
  • He was strongly implied to have been a virgin on his wedding night.
  • He's a very innocent and sensitive guy who likes for everything to have meaningfulness, so it's doubtful that he would experience more-than-romantic attraction right off the bat.

This would also explain his Single-Target Sexuality.

Felix's version of events in "A Night to Disremember" was closest to the truth.
Both Oscar and Blanche have reason to portray the other badly; Felix is the person least involved in the events.