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  • January 19, 2015: At the end of the pilot episode, Larry Wilmore salutes Stephen Colbert by giving him a "Tip of the Hat".
  • February 10, 2015: On the same day that Jon Stewart announces he's leaving The Daily Show, Wilmore breaks the news to his audience and takes a second to thank Jon for getting him to where he is today.
  • April 30, 2015: Larry meets with some Baltimore gang members who have joined together to protest the wrongful death of Freddie Gray at the hands of the Baltimore Police Department. Even though the show was taped before the Baltimore District Attorney declared Freddie's death a homicide and that charges would be filed, one member tells viewers to not lose hope in the face of adversity if the ruling didn't go as their anticipated.
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  • May 14, 2015: Larry and guests give a toast to David Letterman on the eve of his retirement.
  • June 4, 2015: After Colorado teenager Evan Young is barred from delivering his valedictorian speech because he would use it as an opportunity to come out, Larry brings him on the show to deliver an abridged version of his speech on the air. The entire speech is later posted on The Nightly Show website.
  • August 5, 2015: The night before Jon Stewart's last show as host of The Daily Show, Larry thanks Jon for not only helping him get The Nightly Show, but also with all he's done informing the American public, such as helping 9/11 first responders get much-needed healthcare.
  • November 16, 2015: Following the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, Larry starts the show by paying tribute to the French people, noting how his daughter was born on Bastille Day (July 14), and he promised that he'd take her for her birthday, saying that the trip's still on and that no terrorists will stop him from doing so.
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  • August 18, 2016: Executive producer Jon Stewart joins Larry on the set, and gives a So Proud of You speech for the show's final segment:
    Jon Stewart: "Do not confuse cancellation with failure. What you, my friend, were tasked to do, you have done and done beautifully. You gave voice to underserved voices in the media arena. You started a conversation that was not on television when you began, and you worked with a group of people who you invited to that conversation to collaborate with you, to sharpen that conversation, and what you don't realize is that when you walk out of here, that conversation doesn't end."


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