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  • January 22nd: Larry talks to contributor Ricky Velez about US-Cuba relations, but Nicky talks about Cuba in films, including X-Men: First Class, The Godfather and Scarface (1983).
  • March 18th: During a montage of televangelists apparently making their followers fly backwards in healing, Larry includes the clip of Obi-Wan Kenobi force-pushing some battle droids from The Phantom Menace.
  • On the all-women panel discussing the sexism directed at Hillary Clinton—specifically the idea that a post-menopausal woman would be a better president than one not—staff writer Holly Walker bluntly states that she's having her period right now, before mocking the idea that a menstruating woman would start a war out of PMS.
    "RRRAAAARGH! Chocolate! Salted nuts! [...] There's people bleeding in the audience right now, and we're not burning the studio down!"
  • April 15th: Larry sees a screencap of his show on the TV's schedule guide, in which due to being compressed by being partway through the show, unfortunately shortens the title of his show to just "The Nig".
  • June 15th: When it's revealed that Rachel Dolezal, a head of a local NAACP chapter, is actually a white woman claiming to be black, yet still tries to assert that she's black, describing herself as "transracial", Larry has this to say:
    Larry: It is her opinion that she is black. Much like climate change denial, this is not based on science.
    • Larry evaluates the reactions of other African-Americans to this scandal. Some, like Mike Yard, are welcoming, thinking that allowing conversions will help them stop being a minority. Others, like Holly Walker, are terrified by the possibility that other fake blacks, or "incog-negroes", could be hiding amongst African-American communities.
  • June 23rd: After the black CNN newsanchor Don Lemon held up a sign that said the N-word during discussion of the Charleston AME Church shooting, Larry wonders how awkward it must have been for the (presumably) white intern to have ordered the sign at a copy shop.
  • August 19th: Larry is visited in the studio by Donald Trump (represented by a troll doll) in a remote-controlled helicopter to demonstrate Trump's new great idea to send illegal immigrants back over the border — with a catapult. Then a scaled-down demo model is hoisted down from the ceiling.
  • November 3rd: Larry explains about Ben Carson's enduring popularity in the polls despite not having political experience, not charismatic enough, or using Godwin's Law a lot. As he shows how in the ways of a magician; Holly Walker, Mike Yard, and Robin Thede Black React hysterically while Rory Albanese is reacting calmly to the tricks done by Larry.
  • December 1st: In response to Texas textbooks are rewriting or omitting facts about American slavery, Larry reads the children's story "Goodnight, Slavery" to some children.

  • April 7th: As part of his 2016 March Madness dare competition, because Villanova University won, Larry hosted the show playing his 70s alter-ego Soul Daddy.
  • July 19th: After Donald Trump's wife Melania had allegedly plagiarized portions of a speech by Michelle Obama during the 2016 Republican National Convention, his chief strategist (and now press secretary) Sean Spicer compared quotes vaguely similar to lines from the speech, including a random line from a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode, to prove that they were common ideas and not necessarily copied. Larry's reaction?
    Larry: Melania Trump even lifted from Twilight Sparkle?! You couldn't even steal from a medium-sized pony—you had to steal from a little pony. Have you no decency?!


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