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Heartwarming / The Mummy (1999)

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  • When Evy is genuinely upset about the way the Bembridge scholars keep rejecting her application, despite her extensive knowledge and passion for her work, Jonathan immediately softens and stops teasing her: "You'll always have me, old mum." Complete with the sibling version of a Headbutt of Love.
    • Coward he may be, but Jonathan doesn't hesitate to run to his sister's aid for a second.
  • Rick's first moment of showing his Jerk with a Heart of Gold nature.
    Beni: You never believed in the Hamunaptra, O'Connell. Why are you going back?
    Rick: ... You see that girl? She saved my neck.
  • Rick gives Evy an archaeology kit that he swiped from the rival archaeologist, Burns. Made especially touching because it's probably either her first kit or a replacement for the first one she lost when the boat sunk. Also the preceding dialogue where he appears to be working himself up to giving it to her.
    Rick: So, uh, what are these old darn mirrors for?
    Evy: Ancient mirrors. It's an ancient Egyptian trick, you'll see.
    Rick: ...Oh. Uh, here, this is for you.
    Evy: (vaguely confused look as she takes it)
    Rick: Go ahead, it's, uh, something I borrowed from our American brethren, I thought you might like it - you might need it. You know, for when we're down, um (gestures a chiselling motion) Yeah. (walks away and sees the prison warden watching them, and immediately turns defensive) What are you looking at?!
    Warden: (holds hands up in a surrendering gesture)
    • And another Rick telling Beni to get out of Evy's seat (which, by the way, is right between him and Jonathan).
    Evy: (walking up to the group) Look what I found!
    Rick: (instant Death Glare in Beni's direction] You're in her seat.
    Beni: (laughs)
    Rick: Now.
    Beni: (moves hastily) Yup.
  • The whole progression of Rick and Evelyn's relationship is one big Heartwarming Moment, in actual fact.
  • Rick and a completely hammered Evy have a conversation by the campfire during their first night in Hamunaptra, when she tells him enthusiastically about her parents and her lineage. You can just hear how passionate and proud she is, and how much she must have loved her parents.
    • When Evy furiously states that she is proud to be her parents' daughter, and of who and what she is, Rick just smiles with complete acceptance.
  • Also a Tearjerker, but Rick, Ardeth Bey, and Jonathan all stand solemnly as Winston's plane sinks into the desert with his body. Rick even gives him one final salute.
    • Winston's death itself is both this and tearjerking as well. He wanted to go out in a blaze of glory like his buddies in the war, and he finally got his wish, even laughing "Here I come, laddies!" as his plane is swallowed by Imhotep's sandstorm. He even appears to have a smile on his face after dying.
  • Even after all the damage Beni had done, Rick still tries to save him as the temple crumbles.
  • During the ending, Rick and Evy finally become an Official Couple.
    Jonathan: Well, I guess we go home empty-handed... again.
    Rick: (looking at Evy) I wouldn't say that.
    (''Evy looks up at him, smiling in disbelief, and cue the music swell and Big Damn Kiss, after which they grin goofily at each other.)


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