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Heartwarming / The Many Sons Of Winter

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  • Ned is determined to see that his children only marry if they want to and to people they love.
  • Catelyn's relathionship with Lyanne Darkstark, whom she compares to her younger sister Lysa and treats as a sensitive, southron daughter. Her quiet fury when she learns Theon groped the girl and gentle council to help Lyanne to differentiate herself from her twin Adara are smile-worthy.
    • Lyanne confesses she likes Catelyn because the Lady Stark is just as strong as her eldest daughter Sansa, which makes Catelyn realise Sansa is Not So Different from her after all.
  • The relation between the Watch and the free folk is really good - so much that Val, who is the Queen of the Free Folk, considers Benjen Stark a close friend (helps that she "stole" him once, after Ben broke a leg in a ranging). When the two of them interact, one can tell that the only thing between the two of them is his vow to never marry or have children.
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  • In the backstory, Genna Lannister became the bride to the future Lord Darkstark. She resigned herself to an Awful Wedded Life in a country full of barbarians and discovered instead she would be the Lady to a nice coastal town, settling a Perfectly Arranged Marriage.
  • When the hunting group arrives to Winterfell with the direwolf mama, the entire city comes out to the streets to see them, and they cheer on them and the luck they had with finding the direwolf. Eddard gifts the people with silver coins, and when a little girl gives him a winter rose, he thanks her, musses her hair and gives her a gold dragon. In just a few moments, you see why the Starks are so beloved by their people, and that Eddard returns that love.
  • Catelyn's near-breakdown and resolve to treat Jon better after seeing the mother direwolf abandon Ghost. It's really helped along by seeing how she herself as changed from living in a very different North.
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  • Domeric and Sansa's relationship. They may be Sickening Sweethearts, but it is obvious none of them wants to consider marrying anyone else.
  • Robert Baratheon's decision to not betroth Sansa with Joffrey when he sees how much the idea displeases her and how much she's already in love with Domeric. He knows how that would feel to be forced apart from your true love, after all.
  • As Robert never let himself go after being crowned, he took greater interest in his children's education. Seeing how Joffrey swells with pride and joy when he praises his fight against Domeric Bolton - in spite of Joffrey having lost the bout - is plain sweet.
    • Later, during the hunt, Robert proves to be a great father by first teaching Joffrey how to track (and it is clear the boy loves learning from his dad) and when he assists with the killing of a bear Robert compliments him. Joffrey never whines or complains and even when Robert points out he needs to learn how to use a war hammer instead of his beloved crossbow Joffrey is EXCITED to learn and even Ned joins in with the joking and good times.

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