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Citizen Vaenyris is Rhaegar Targaryen
The common knowledge is that Rhaegar Targaryen got killed by Robert during the Battle of the Trident. However, there are hints that indicate Rhaegar could have survived and is now hiding as Citizen Vaenyris of Volantis:
  1. Robert hit Rhaegar in the head instead of the chest, in such a way that his face was impossible to recognize. So, no one could tell whether it actually was him.
  2. Arthur Dayne went missing after the Battle of the Trident, unseen ever since, with only a bloodied Dawn left behind. It is possible that someone else used it and then ran away.
  3. Many Volantene people have the same white hair and purple eyes as the Targaryens, so Rhaegar could be using that to hide in plain view.
  4. Vaenyris mentions to Sansa that he lost his parents, his wife, his daughter and his son because he tried to be a hero and paid the consequences - exactly what Rhaegar lost.
  5. Vaenyris urges Robb to choose one bride and stay faithful to her, since he lost everything when he fell in love with two women and tried to have both - he could very well talk about Elia Martell and Lyanna Stark.
  6. Vaenyris says his family fell on hard times and as such, his father had only one bride who bore him eleven children. When you add Aerys and Rhaella's miscarried and stillborn children to their three living kids, you have eleven.
  7. Vaenyris states that Rhaegar is dead - but he could easily mean it in the That Man Is Dead sense.
  8. Rhaegar Targaryen is listed as one of the characters on AO3.
  9. This sentence:
    And alone in the godswood with none to see, a prince sobbed.

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