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Awesome / The Many Sons Of Winter

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  • Arya proves to be just as creative and sneaky as in canon (not to mention incredibly athletic) when she sneaks out of the castle of Winterfell (which is inhabited by hundreds, if not thousands of people, unlike in canon where large parts of the castle are abandoned) by literally moving through the walls, basically creating her own network of secret passages. Move over, Maegor the Cruel and Varys.
    • And it gets even better as she wanders the streets of Winterfell (the city), commenting that she is one of the few people (if not the only one) who is able to avoid the Snowcloaks, Winterfell's equivalent of the Goldcloaks. Unlike the Goldcloaks, the Snowcloaks aren't corrupted from their toes up, and they have wargs serving them. Said wargs are able to utilize golden eagles and other birds to keep a constant watch for trouble. Basically, Arya is able to evade a competent police force equipped with biological UAVs. Let that sink in.
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    • And the guards do not take her constant escaping wrong. In fact, they use Arya as their means to find any potential holes in the protection of the castle. If Arya ever goes down to the Red Keep, she is going to be ruling the roost.
  • Adara does not like the Iron Islands for constantly raiding the Westerlands - her mother's homeland - and killing a very well-loved cousin. So she decides to seduce Theon in order to become Lady of the Iron Islands and make them more like the North, ensuring it will never be a danger or nuisance anymore.
  • When the royal carriage suffers one breakdown, Sandor Clegane and Robert Baratheon lift the entire wheelhouse to help the servants to repair the damage.
  • Brynden Tully effortlessly gives Arya an interest in the South by claiming the Queen is basically the most powerful women in the Seven Kingdoms. Catelyn is flabbergasted since her efforts to make Arya more ladylike never worked, only for Brynden to point she never gave Arya a reason to desire it.
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  • The duel between Domeric and Joffrey, particularly the latter, who fights against someone five years older and nearly defeats him, only losing because he gets hit in the head and bites his tongue (it's a duel at first blood).
  • The implication that Rhaegar Targaryen survived the Battle of the Trident and now hides as Citizen Vaenyris of Volantis.
  • When Robert's Rebellion started, it's said the Southron lords outright crapped their pants when they learnt the North has a 70000 men-strong army out for blood after what happened to their Lord Paramount and many of their heirs.

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