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Funny / The Many Sons Of Winter

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  • There is something funny about the fic's divergent point being a group of hairy cows in and of itself.
  • When Arya was little, she somehow (not even her could tell how) managed to find her way to Winterfell's great hall's rafters. Everyone searched through the entire city... and they didn't find her until they heard her snores after she fell asleep.
  • A few years before the beginning of the story, Jon had a crush on Dacey Mormont, so he decided to declare his love for her... in front of pretty much everyone in Winterfell's keep. The Wolves of Winterfell have never let him live it down.
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  • Trying to determine a personal crest for himself, Jon unintentionally recreates the Blackfyre coat of arms. Everyone who points it out has a good laugh, while he lampshades how his step-mother would react to such a color set.
  • Tywin Lannister having to pay the toll at Moat Cailin. His daughter Cersei bursts into laughter when she reminisces about it.
  • Ned kinda forgot to tell Robert how big Winterfell truly is. When the royal party finally lays eyes upon the city, the king wonders when Eddard found the time to build that.
  • When he sees the Northern heirs - with many being brown-haired and grey-eyed - Robert asks if they're all Ned's.
  • Robert admits he thought about marrying Joffrey with Margaery Tyrell but ultimately didn't go through because Renly always finds a way to go see her. Ned acknowledges it would be better to let Renly marry the girl since he's so interested in her. Oh, the irony.
  • How Tygett Lannister's sojourn to Volantis ended up:
    • He tried to make friends with his girlfriend's betrothed by going out with him for drinks. Problem is, dude ate and drank so much he threw up in his mouth and suffocated because he was sitting upright and everyone was so busy dancing they didn't noticed. Undignified Death, much?
    • Tygett was accused of murdering him - really - but couldn't be condemned outright, so he had to wait while the jury was busy deliberating. Only for him to accidentally mock the courts, so he was thrown out of the Black Walls. Then he was declared innocent from murder.

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