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  • Spider-Geddon #0 is quick to set up a kinship between Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man and the Peter Parker from the Insomniac Video Game. Pretty notable considering how much of a Tragic Villain Otto was in the video game.
    • In particular, Insomniac Spider-Man notes that Superior Spider-Man is what his Otto might have been if his body and mind hadn't betrayed him.
    • Right before leaving for the interdimensional portal, Spider-Man PS4 designates Miles Morales PS4 as his substitute and Miles tells him that MJ has agreed to serve as his Mission Control in his absence. Then Peter and MJ have a quiet goodbye where they hug each other intensely while Superior Ock watches from the window:
      Peter Parker: "Really? Wow. I appreciate you telling me...for real."
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    • Later in #4, the same Peter Parker comes across the Spider-Man and Spinneret of Renew Your Vows and he is charmed and taken aback at seeing a version of his beloved as a superhero (especially since he was so reluctant in the main game for her to partner with him):
      Spider-Man PS4: Sorry to intrude, but...are you...MJ?
      Spinneret: Yeah, and yes, my husband is who you think he is...a version of you.
      RYV Spider-Man: And since those guys are being jerks, I'll tell you what I tell all the Petes who approach us. I don't know how it worked out for us. It just did. Oh, and if your MJ's anything like mine...don't let her get away.
    • Later in the same issue Spider-Man catches sight of 616 Miles and is impressed with a more advanced version of the young Miles from Earth 1048, and indeed hinting that he's getting on board with having his Miles be Spider-Man and especially being impressed with the outfit. Which is probably light Foreshadowing for the end of the DLC, Silver Lining though it's not clear when this comic is set in the timeline or if it's continuous with the game.
  • Unsurprisingly, Otto and Octavia immediately get along. She even admits that she's always wanted to say "The die is cast!" and Otto tells her that she shouldn't worry about people finding it silly. Of course, he refers to said people as "idiots", but it's the thought that counts.
    • To add to this is their significant age difference, as Octavia is still very young and has nowhere near the experience Otto has, so he always takes the lead and she has no objections in dutifully following along, both being quite complimentary to one another and working together marvelously, making it so that Otto in a way becomes a mentor towards Octavia.
  • Vault of Spiders #2 shows us Spider-Ma'am's world after her identity was exposed to Ben and Peter. The three are now working together as a crime fighting team, and Peter even made his aunt webshooters. Learning her identity only brought the three closer together and made May a better heroine.
  • In Spider-Girls #3, Annie finally admits to Mayday that she had a May in her world, leading to the two tearfully hugging each other, pretty much becoming interdimensional sisters. #SPIDER-SISTERSFORLIFE
  • In the aftermath of the final battle in Spider-Geddon #5 and the Inheritors are re-incarnated as depowered babies, Spider-Ma'am volunteers to look after them, saying she had already been considering taking in foster children. Peter and Otto unanimously agree that she's the right person for the job.
    • The final issue is made in tribute to Stan Lee, and during the aftermath a Spider-Stan can be seen in the background with the other Spiders.
    • Annie hints that the Other will come back as someone close to Mayday. Sure enough, we see it return... and in doing so, resurrecting Mayday's father.
    • After 27 consecutive, agonizing deaths that broke him as a person, Ben Reilly chooses to give his life to cripple Jennix, musing that it's the first time his death has been his own choice. When he's brought back by SpOck, he's brought back to "factory settings" and is the person he used to be again.

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