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That's a large fly swatter.
  • Peter shutting Morlun up in the middle of Evil Gloating by jabbing a quadruple-strength tranq dart into his eye and later getting the better of Morlun, capturing and tranquilizing him, then giving him a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech that rips the Inheritor's superiority complex to shreds.
  • Takuya refusing to back down to Daemos when he's attacked en-route to the final battle. What's even better is that he survives the encounter which implies he was able to hold him off long enough for reinforcements to come or he managed escape all by himself.
    Supaidaman: You think Leopardon is the one to fear? I am an emissary of hell! Face me, villain... and learn what that means.
  • Everything Miles does in the final issue of Spider-Geddon is an moment of awesome:
    • Miles talking back to the Enigma Force when it berates the Web Warriors for summoning it, angrily arguing that they have a universal crisis on their hands and it can either help them or leave. This impresses it enough to loan Miles the Uni-Power for the final battle.
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    • Miles fares far better against Solus than the Captain Universe who fought him back in Spider-Verse, learning from that Spider's mistake and pummelling Solus without letting the Inheritor get a grip on him, then combining the Uni-Power with his own venom blasts. And once SpOck has a plan to beat them once and for all, he ends the fight in spectacular fashion: imbuing Leopardon's sword with the Uni-Power and hurling it at him like a javelin.
    • Right after this, Miles turns Captain Universe's power on the other Inheritors, and without their big gun, the Inheritors get thrashed by the Spider-Army.
  • In the Edge of Spider-Geddon issue about Spider-Norman, Harry Osborn storms Oscorp headquarters by himself, steals an experimental Green Goblin suit, and destroys his dad's damaged Cosmic Cube after his father murders Peter Parker for trying to expose his dirty secrets.

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