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Things can get pretty cuddly in this series.

  • Kouta gathering the courage to try to help the lost little girl.
  • Before the other kids started to mock him, Kouta was shown to be very attached to his grandmother.
  • The way his grandmother gives him words of encouragement at the playground with her frail voice, only for Kouta to succeed.
  • Kouta's grandmother never gave up on him, despite him yelling at her and even repairs the damaged Pompompurin.
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  • Shunsuke, despite being The Stoic, eventually decides to go search for the My Melody keyholder belonging to Yuu. He probably intended to do so as soon as Yuu was out of sight.
  • One that is easy to miss: Kouta refuses to return the My Melody keyholder to Yuu at the last second, out of fear of outing the latter's love for the cute mascot. Yuu was a complete stranger to Kouta, yet Kouta didn't want to cause him any trouble. A Nice Guy indeed. Granted, catharsis may have something to do with that.
  • Kouta's parents, while unaware of the specifics, try to give their son some helpful advice the moment they noticed something was amiss with him.
  • Yuu helping Kouta to finally come to terms with his emotional baggage and start loving what he loves without shame.
    Yuu: "There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in loving something!"
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  • Yuu calling the My Melody notebook his sister gave him (which, by the way, was her very first present to him) his treasure.
  • A minor one: Shunsuke is visibly touched when Kouta buys a drink for him as well, even though according to his lost bet with Yuu, Kouta wasn't actually obliged to do so.
  • At the end of the third episode, Yuu and Yuri appear to have finally reconciled.
  • Episode 4 has Shunsuke recovering from his fear of losing others that he suffered from since his early childhood, as well as Kouta and Shunsuke becoming a lot closer than in the previous episodes.
  • In episode 2, Yuri never wanted to eat whatever her brother made for her, even though he kept doing it anyways. In a later episode, she makes a short appearance where she is finally shown eating it. Furthermore, it seems like she has regained it, as she tells him to put peaches on the cake (which he had already bought before she suggested it) and devises her brother and Kouta to 'make something she can eat'.
  • Even though episode 5 ends on a depressing note, Ryou and Seiichirou were getting along pretty well. Ryou was even cheerfully smiling!
    • Yuu gives a de facto Declaration of Protection to Kouta and Shunsuke.

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