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Cast Full of Pretty Boys? Check. Lack of female characters in the anime? Check. Guys who have the kind of affections that aren't seen as welcome by the more conservative parts of the public? Check!

  • Yuu and Shunsuke, being Childhood Friends, get plenty of this.
    • In episode 1, despite his stoic demeanor, Shunsuke ultimately decides to go look for the My Melody key holder.
    • "We're friends who already know all the embarrassing parts of each other, right?"
    • Earlier in the same episode, Yuu has absolutely no problem watching Shunsuke taking a shower, and says the above Accidental Innuendo when Shunsuke protests... and quietly lets Yuu continue watching.
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    • Shunsuke's reaction to seeing Yuu give chase to Kouta is to dramatically leap off the stairwell and pin Kouta to the wall, asking what he did to Yuu. It comes off as being rather (over) protective.
    • The second episode baits the audience into thinking they spent the night over at one of their apartments and are heading to school separately, as if they were lovers in a Secret Relationship. Bonus points for them taking showers, making it look like they did other things than just sleeping over.
    • In the second episode, given the sheer interest he displays towards Kouta despite of the latter's protests, Yuu asks Shunsuke if he is feeling jealous.
    • Shunsuke says that getting to know more people is bothersome to him and that he is fine with the people he already knows. Yuu than cheerfully asks him if he is alright with that as that would mean Shunsuke would only have Yuu.
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    • In episode 4, Yuu apologizes to Shunsuke for having failed to notice the latter's issues with facing new people, despite of being the person he was closest to.
  • Yuu and Kouta, to a certain extent.
    • In the ending theme, Yuu is slightly touchy around Kouta, placing his hand over Kouta's shoulder in one shot.
    • In the first half of episode 2, Yuu is very invested in trying to approach Kouta.
    • After Kouta shrugs him off at the cafeteria, Yuu actually says, with a slightly disappointed voice, that he got dumped.
    • In episode 4, Yuu interacts with Kouta the same way he would otherwise hang out with Shunsuke.
  • Ryou and Seiichirou, of course.
    • In the ending theme, they have a shared shot together, complete with a rainbow manifested with their joint hand gestures.
    • In episode 2, Ryou is shown to be admiring Seiichiro very much during the latter's archery practice.
    • Shortly after, when Seiichiro busts him for it, Ryou tries to retort this by saying that he was just 'killing time' and that he wasn't really interested into it or anything. Seiichiro's response? Well, he simply says that Ryou can come to 'kill time' whenever he wants.
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    • Ryou and Seiichirou have plenty of pictures together on the Twitter account that look like they're on a date.
    • The whole episode 4, if taken out of context, could be seen as this: Seiichirou having No Sense of Personal Space around Ryou, Ryou opening up to Seiichirou, Ryou feeling betrayed when he discovers Seiichirou is also a Sanrio fan...
  • Kouta and Shunsuke aren't immune to this either.
    • In the first episode, of all the methods he could choose to restrain Kouta, Shunsuke opts for... a kabe-don.
    • Amusingly enough, Kouta likes Pompompurin, while Shunsuke is into Hello Kitty.
    • Through the whole episode 4, Kouta is surprisingly concerned for Shunsuke.
      • Aside from Yuu, Kouta is the only other guy shown to come to watch Shunsuke practicing.
      • Kouta stops Shunsuke from throwing away the Hello Kitty charm at the last second via a Cooldown Hug and even briefly groping his chest.
      • In order to help him muster up the courage to start approaching more people, Kouta and Yuu offer him hugs.
      • 'I'm ready, you can approach me!'
      • At the end of the episode, Kouta is overjoyed from getting to be on First-Name Basis with Shunsuke, complete with Puppy Eyes.
  • Yuu/Kouta/Shunsuke. No, really. While Yuu and Shunsuke are pretty much Heterosexual Life-Partners, the way they swiftly integrated Kouta into their dynamics with basically zero jealousy is one thing, but the No Sense of Personal Space Yuu has towards both Shunsuke and Kouta is, well...this is probably the best way to put it in perspective.
    • Kouta basically stops hanging out with his old two 'pals' simply because he likes hanging out with Shunsuke and Yuu so much.
    • When he gets sick in episode 2, Yuu calls for both Shunsuke and Kouta.
    • In episode 4, Kouta and Yuu's efforts to help Shunsuke are almost perfectly in sync.
    • Yuu clarifies that, while he himself can endure being treated disrespectfully, he draws a line when Shunsuke and Kouta are subjected to such treatment.
  • Machida desperately trying to be friends with Kouta again also resembles a boy who wants to reignite the spark in his relationship with his increasingly distant ex.

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