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Heartwarming / Roary the Racing Car

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  • In the episode "Testing Time for Maxi", Maxi fails his tests and is not allowed to race again, leaving him in tears. Roary then asks PC Pete to let Maxi do the tests again, and he passes.
  • In the episode "Easy on the Fuel", Maxi runs out of fuel and cannot race; his 3 brothers; Roary, Drifter and Tin Top offer to share their fuel with him.
  • In the episode "Drifter's Last Day", Roary worried that Drifter would be taken to the scrapheap, as Drifter had a crash and he heard Big Chris talking about something going to the scrapheap, thinking he was referring to Drifter. But Big Chris reveals he meant his karaoke machine and that he would never get rid of Drifter, as he's part of the family.
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  • In the episode "Hi-Tech Overload", Drifter sings about the beauty of nature.

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