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Tear Jerker / Roary the Racing Car

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  • In "Roary Loses a Friend", it's pretty awful to see the usually happy and enthusiastic Roary so heartbroken from losing his lucky teddy.
  • Homesick Tin Top is one of the saddest episodes in the series. Tin Top is missing the racetrack he used to live at, where he didn't have to slow down around bends to avoid crashing. Seeing Tin Top constantly run out to the forest is heartbreaking, and when the sand track Roary, Maxi, Cici and Drifter built for him falls apart, it becomes even more so.
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  • In "Computer Calamity", Big Chris declares that he's leaving Silver Hatch. Roary's reaction is heartbreaking.
  • In "Testing Time for Maxi", Maxi is declared unsafe and hereby banned from racing. Maxi has a Heroic BSoD, revealing his reason to be a Jerkass.
    Maxi: "I love winning so much, I forget about other people's feelings".

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