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Maxi isn't Maxi's actual name.
Maxi is Italian and the language uses double s's in place of x's e.g. the Italian version of Alexandra is Alessandra. It's highly possible Maxi's real name is Massimo or Massimiliano.
Drifter is NB or transgender.
Drifter's manual went missing in one episode, and Big Chris instructed that everyone find "her" manual.
Brains of dead racecar drivers were uploaded into AI chips that were installed into the cars, either that or dead racecar drivers were reincarnated as their cars.
They all have very human personalities, with Maxi's attention being gained by the very mention of the word "sausage" for some reason. This makes me think that the cars were once racecar drivers who died, and had their brains uploaded into AI chips, or were reincarnated as their cars. As for how they were as humans:
  • Roary was a happy-go-lucky 11-year-old boy who had a nurturing, sensible mindset. However, he was also a novice driver who commonly made mistakes, with a major mistake of his being that he forgot to refill his car's radiator. On that day, he crashed, with his car overheating and catching fire. Roary managed to escape his car, but not before toxic fumes got the better of him. Roary was given oxygen to try and save his life, but he was declared DOA. Maxi died a similar way, but for a different reason.
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  • Maxi as a human was an arrogant, rude, mean, and egotistical 22-year-old man. He thought he could do things that he couldn't. He also loved eating. A LOT. Sausages being one of his favorite things. Maxi's tendency meant he tended to eat more than he should've, and he eventually got too fat to fit inside his tiny racecar. This lead to him being fired from his job if he didn't lose some weight (he didn't). But Maxi still needed the speed he got from driving his racecar, and often drove his car at speeds higher than the speed limit. This fatal flaw of his lead him to crash his car into a tree, leading to the car catching fire. Maxi also died from toxic fume inhalation and burns, but because the crash rendered him quadriplegic, he was unable to escape.
  • Cici was a 15-year-old girl who was a stunt car driver in training as well as a gymnast. She was happy, bouncy and flirtatious. Similarly to Maxi, she often pushed herself to the limit and did things she wasn't capable of doing, and often did the same skills she learned in gymnastics in her car. However, things she could do safely in gymnastics didn't translate into what she could do safely with her car, as she attempted to do a barrel roll with her car, and ended up falling and crashing. Cici was left in a persistent vegetative state after the incident. Knowing that she would never recover, Cici's family chose to have her humanely euthanized, as they couldn't bear to see her in the state she was.
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  • Drifter was a 19-year-old young man, whose real name was Akira, known for his kindness and modesty, as well as his tendency to demonstrate extreme oversteer techniques on the racetrack. Unlike Maxi, however, he was not arrogant which meant he didn't feel the urge to drift on the main road. He is the only one of the cars who didn't die from a car-related accident. Instead, Drifter/Akira's submissive personality was his downfall. Drifter/Akira got into a relationship with a woman named Joō (Japanese for queen) who took advantage of his tendency to be a doormat; Joō would get verbally abusive when he refused to have sex with her if not outright rape him, and would often call him names and damage his property. Whenever Drifter/Akira tried to leave the relationship with Joō, she would get even more violent towards him. Police tried to arrest Joō, but it was no use, as Joō was too violent. Eventually, Joō was arrested, but because she had murdered Drifter/Akira.
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  • Tin Top was a 27-year-old man who was a stock car driver, who also liked pretty things and was very sensitive and often got scared. He had a tendency to be extremely clumsy and dumb/ditzy and often crashed when he was driving. However, crashing never phased him. However, what did phase him was that people often made fun of him for his effeminate behavior, leading to him quitting his job as a stock car driver and becoming a drag queen. His ditzy, clumsy behavior entertained audiences but didn't translate well to driving. On his way to one of his biggest shows, he crashed and was rushed to the hospital, and was declared DOA. His many fans, including his former stock car driver peers, left tributes to him at the very venue at which his show would've taken place.

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